Blink-182 Is Bringing The Band Back
Blink-182 Is Bringing The Band Back

With A New Tour Blink-182 Is Bringing The Band Back Together

With a new tour, Blink-182 is getting the band back together. Tom DeLonge is getting back together with Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker for the first time in seven years. The band said on their website and social media that they would be going on a world tour starting in March 2023. On Friday, they will release a new song called “Edging,” and then they will release a new album.

DeLonge has left and come back to the band twice. Matt Skiba from the band Alkaline Trio has been taking his place for the past seven years.

The band got together in 1992 and played all over San Diego in YMCAs, basements, and VFW halls before putting out their first album, Cheshire Cat, in 1995 and getting noticed by major record labels. The song “Dammit” from Blink-182’s album Dude Ranch came on the radio in 1997.

Scott Raynor played the drums, Mark Hoppus played bass, and Tom DeLonge played the guitar in the band’s first lineup. In 1998, Scott Raynor was fired, and Travis Barker took his place. This ensured that the band would have the same members when they recorded Enema of the State in 1999, selling over 15 million copies.

The band was known for having a good sense of humor and making music videos that MTV played often. In 2003, they released an album called “self-titled,” which had a more grown-up sound.

Due to problems within the band, DeLonge left in 2005 to start his band, Angels and Airwaves. Hoppus and Barker also left to create their band, +44.

Blink-182 Is Bringing The Band Back

In 2008, the band got back together after Barker was severely hurt in a plane crash that killed four people and left “DJ AM” Adam Goldstein in critical condition.

After Barker’s injuries healed, Blink-182 went on tour and released the record Neighborhoods in 2011. The band stayed together for another seven years before DeLonge left again, saying that they had different ideas about how to make music.

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Over the years since then, DeLonge has helped pay for research into UFOs. With Skiba on guitar, the band released two albums in 2016 and 2019: California and Nine.

Mark Hoppus confirmed in June 2021 that he had been diagnosed with cancer and was getting treatment for the disease.

At the end of the year, Hoppus announced that he was no longer battling cancer. In an interview with People, Hoppus stated that the band was in “a wonderful position right now” and that they had spent some time together before his cancer treatment began. The bassist continued by saying: “I’m still writing music, and I’m open to whatever Blink’s next phase might be… I have high expectations for the years to come. I’m dang pleased to be here.”

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