Are You Going To See The Armin In Armin Season 4? What About His Appearance?

Armin Season 4

Since the final season of Attack on Titan started airing, viewers across the globe have been captivated by Eren Yeager’s dramatic transformation.

In its place, a gloomy, uncaring character that doesn’t give a damn whether he’s wearing a shirt or not, has taken the place of his sweet and innocent upbringing. Eren is the buzz of the town thanks to it and his new man bun.

Armin isn’t mentioned. Although he isn’t the main character, he has also experienced a dramatic shift that is being spoken about now that the season is nearing its end..

The days of Armin’s hair being the worst in anime history are over. Attack on Titan’s last season has introduced the character in his or her most appealing and human form yet. It’s interesting that he’s the least spoken about when it comes to undergoing a dramatic change in appearance.

While the younger members of the Scouts, such as Eren and Mikasa, have gotten sleek makeovers, Armin has remained mostly unnoticed. However, as of the Season 4 Episode 14 teaser, he’s all the rage again.

Several admirers got a snapshot from the teaser and published it on social media, remarking on his new look..

While the snapshot is impressive, it paints Armin in a different light, especially when compared to Eren, that has not been seen before. Armin isn’t the only one who’s taken aback by what he’s learned on Twitter.

Armin’s glow-up is clearly being noticed by fans. Redesigning an anime character’s look may have an enormous influence, especially in its last season, as these comments illustrate.

 Fans may have noticed Eren’s dramatic shift due of the amount of time he spent on TV. As for Season 4, Armin’s involvement has been minimal, therefore his presence hasn’t played a significant impact.

However, it’s only fair to give credit where it’s due. Armin’s glow-up transforms him from an indecisive adolescent to a confident guy. It’s hard to tell whether it’s because he’s bearing the weight of the Colossal Titan or the bleak state of the earth.

Armin will have more screen time now that Eren has a clear route ahead of him, thanks in part to the fact that he is going up against his former best buddy.

A look at Armin’s new looks tells us he’s ready to take action, even if he’s not quite ready for the challenges Eren and Zeke throw at him. When he lunges across the table towards Eren in Season 4, Episode 14, his fists are ready for a fight.

Eldia’s last chance of survival against the Jeagerists is this new, better Armin, who may be the only one who can stop them from constructing a new governmental system centred on Eren. Armin’s new look has delighted admirers, but his transformation is more inside than visual.


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