Are Mike and Samantha Still Together?
Are Mike and Samantha Still Together?

Are Mike and Samantha Still Together? The Love in the Wild Couple Journey

Mike and Samantha won the first season of Love in the Wild, an NBC dating reality show that premiered in 2011. The show featured 20 individuals competing in various challenges in Costa Rica’s rainforests while simultaneously hunting for love.

Mike and Samantha were matched up in the first episode and rapidly became close. They earned a trip around the world together by defeating the other couples in the final challenge. But are they still together after 10 years? Here’s what we know about their marital status.

Are Mike and Samantha Still Together?

Yes, Mike and Samantha from “Love in the Wild” are still together as of June 2023. They were a couple when they won the first season of the show. They were engaged in 2013 and married in 2014.

Are Mike and Samantha Still Together
Are Mike and Samantha Still together?

They have two children, Audrey and Zachary. They are happily married as of June 2023 and have even taken a family vacation to Hawaii. They appear to be happy together, and their on-screen love story has continued in real life. So, to put it simply, they are still happily married and raising a family.

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How Mike and Samantha Met and Fell in Love

When Mike Spiro and Samantha Woods joined Love in the Wild, they were both 29 years old. Mike worked as a commercial real estate broker in San Francisco, and Samantha worked as a wedding planner in Huntington Beach, California.

They both stated that they were searching for a committed relationship with someone who shared their adventurous nature. They partnered up for the first challenge, which included trekking, rafting, and zip-lining.


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They won the challenge and were given the opportunity to spend the night at the Oasis, a luxury resort. They hit it off immediately and agreed to spend the rest of the show together.

They had numerous challenges and difficulties along the road, including sleeping in tents, coping with bugs and snakes, and competing against other couples. They also had some disagreements and misunderstandings, particularly during the rowing challenge, where they struggled to communicate and coordinate. Despite their differences, they were always able to support each other.

They also shared numerous romantic moments, like kissing beneath a waterfall, dancing in a nightclub, and cuddling in a hammock. They expressed their affection for one another and indicated a desire to continue their relationship beyond the show.

In the final task, which comprised of three rounds, they demonstrated their compatibility and endurance. They had to run through the jungle, collect puzzle parts, and solve a puzzle in the first round.

They had to ride a motorcycle, obtain a map, and find a boat in the second round. They had to paddle to a yacht where the host was waiting for them in the third round. They defeated the other finalists, Heather and Miles, to win Love in the Wild.

When they arrived at the yacht, they were happy and emotional. They embraced, kissed, and rejoiced in their victory. They also expressed their love for one another and stated their willingness to explore the world together.

Who is Mike?

Mike, actual name Michael Spiro, rose to prominence as a contestant on the reality television show “Love in the Wild.” He appeared in the first season of the show, which debuted in 2011.

“Love in the Wild” is a Costa Rican dating and adventure competition show in which people were put into couples to negotiate tasks that tested their compatibility and talents.

Mike built a relationship with another competitor named Samantha Spiro (now Samantha Spiro) throughout his time on the show, and their bond grew stronger as the competition proceeded.

Mike and Samantha eventually emerged as the season’s victorious couple, taking home a prize that included a vacation around the world.

Mike and Samantha’s romance flourished in real life. They got engaged in 2013, married in 2014, and established a family with two children, Audrey, a daughter, and Zachary, a son.

Mike’s adventure on “Love in the Wild” not only lead to show victory, but also to a long-lasting and loving relationship with Samantha.

Who is Samantha?

Samantha, sometimes known as Samantha Spiro, rose to prominence as a competitor on the reality television show “Love in the Wild.” She appeared in the first season of the show, which aired in 2011.

Samantha, one of the singles in “Love in the Wild,” was yearning for love and adventure. The show, which broadcast in Costa Rica, featured men and women partnered into couples who participated in challenges designed to measure their compatibility.

Samantha’s experience on the show led to her dating another competitor called Mike Spiro. They not only won the show, but they also fell in love with each other. After winning “Love in the Wild,” Samantha and Mike’s real-life love bloomed.


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They got engaged in 2013, married in 2014, and have two children, a daughter named Audrey and a son named Zachary. Their on-screen love story continued in their personal lives, and they remained a happy family.

Love in the Wild

“Love in the Wild” is an NBC reality television series that premiered in 2011. The show aired for two seasons and featured individuals looking for love in a wild and adventurous atmosphere.

The first season was set in Costa Rica, and the second in the Dominican Republic and Hawaii. Ten men and ten women were placed into couples for the show. These couples had to participate in challenges that put their skills and compatibility to the test.

The winning pair received a deluxe resort vacation, while the others stayed in standard cabins. The following day, there was a “choice ceremony” in which candidates chose their partners for the next task.

The final mismatched male and female were removed. The show emphasized couple loyalty, and betrayals were risky. The winning pair received a vacation around the world as the grand prize. Mike and Samantha were the winners of the first season of the show and received this prize.

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