Ana Navarro Weight Loss
Ana Navarro Weight Loss

Ana Navarro Weight Loss: Off-Shoulder Dress Reveals Her Incredible look!

Ana Navarro addressed reports that she is using Ozempic to slim down while opening up about her weight reduction struggle. This week, the 51-year-old co-host of The View posted several Instagram pictures from a recent vacation to Colombia.

She captioned the photo“When your best friend is @leeschrager and he tells you he wants a getaway weekend for his birthday, you say, ‘tell me where and when, and I’ll be there,’”


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The first of the four pictures featured Navarro sporting an off-the-shoulder black dress and an elegant updo for her hair. Her outfit embraced her curves and highlighted her more petite frame.

When Navarro planned on “coming clean” about being on Ozempic, one social media user questioned in the comments area, and the journalist quickly ended the rumour with a detailed response.

“I’ve posted about my weight-loss journey many times. I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. The [coronavirus] pandemic and menopause made it worse,” the Emmy nominee wrote on Wednesday, May 31.

Ana Navarro Weight Loss

“In 2021, my mom died of kidney disease brought on by diabetes. She suffered terribly the last years of her life. That scared the beejeezus out of me.”

Ana Navarro Weight Loss

Ana continued by saying that in August 2022, she and two friends travelled to Mexico to a healing centre named Rancho La Puerta.

“We had all turned 50 and wanted to be healthier,” she said. “I spent time there learning to cook and eat healthier, reprogramming how I think of my lifestyle and being more active. We did all sorts of exercise classes for hours a day. When we came back to Miami, we were determined to continue some of our healthy habits.”

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Ana sought advice from a nutritionist and other medical experts in the following weeks because she was “on the verge of pre-diabetes.” The political strategist also engaged pickleball and Pilates coaches to assist her in maintaining an athletic lifestyle.

“So, it’s been a complete lifestyle change — except for the damn rosé and margaritas, which I can’t give up,” Ana wrote. “It has all helped me lose about 4-5 pounds a month. I am not equipped to give anyone advice or endorse any solution.”

She concluded her message by urging readers to develop healthy behaviours that best match their schedules and daily routines.

“We all have to figure out what works for each of us. It is a daily struggle for me,” Ana added. “I still really like tequila and staying in bed with my poodle.”

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