2 People Were Arrested In The Florin Area Last Night For Stealing A Car
2 People Were Arrested In The Florin Area Last Night For Stealing A Car

2 People Were Arrested In The Florin Area Last Night For Stealing A Car

SACRAMENTO COUNTY — Just before midnight on Friday, two individuals were detained after it was reported that they had stolen a vehicle at gunpoint from a McDonald’s located at Stockton Boulevard and Florin Road.

According to the Sacramento County Sheriff, the victim and his wife were walking outside to their car shortly after receiving meals inside when they were approached by the suspects who were armed with handguns. The victim and his wife were shot and killed.

Investigation detectives tracked down the vehicle to a nearby liquor store and detained four individuals; of them, two matched the suspect’s description and were taken into custody. Deputies found another vehicle that had been reported stolen in the parking area that they had been searching.

The keys to the vehicle that had been carjacked were also recovered nearby, and the deputies determined that one of the individuals who had been detained had attempted to hide it where they found it. This suspect was brought to the juvenile detention center. The second suspect, an adult male, confessed to stealing the vehicle that was found in the parking lot, and he was arrested and taken to the main jail. The information necessary to identify him has not yet been made public.

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Both vehicles were recovered without any visible damage, and nobody was hurt in the incident.

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