How Does Part 2 Of You Season 4 End?
How Does Part 2 Of You Season 4 End?

How Does Part 2 Of You Season 4 End?

You season 4, part 2 is finally here, and Joe Goldberg is definitely up to his old tricks. ICYMI, in season 3, the murderous stalker fakes his own death and runs away to Europe to leave his murderous past behind. Joe wants to start over by becoming a university professor named Jonathan Moore, but since this is You and Joe is the one we’re talking about, we can only guess that he’ll leave a trail of dead bodies in his wake.

The fourth season of You on Netflix came out in two parts, instead of all at once like the previous seasons. Thursday, March 9, the second batch of episodes came out. Read on to find out what kind of mess Joe made in the last half of the season, and to find out how You season 4, part 2 ended.

At The End Of You Season 4, What Happens To Marienne?

Before moving to London, Joe goes to Paris, where he “accidentally” runs into Marienne, who was one of his victims in the past. As a quick reminder, Marienne was a librarian at the Madre Linda library. In season 3, she became Joe’s obsession.

She and Joe became close, and they even talked about running away with their kids, Juliette and Henry, to get away from their controlling partners, Ryan, who Marienne was no longer with, and Love, who Joe was still married to. After Marienne’s ex-husband was killed in a botched robbery, Love told Marienne that Joe had killed Ryan and told her to take her daughter and leave before she was killed. So, the single mother moved from Madre Linda to Paris.

Viewers aren’t surprised that Joe spends months traveling across France to find Marienne. When he sees one of her paintings in a park in Paris, he gets lucky. Joe uses the painting to find out everything he can about Marienne and then follows her to an art fair in London. Marienne runs away as soon as she sees Joe, and we don’t see her again until You season 4, part 2.

Nadia, one of Joe’s students, finds out that Joe took Marienne and put her in a cage in London. Nadia thought of a way to help Marienne get out of the prison. She gives her beta blockers to slow down her heart rate so that Joe will think she killed herself.

After finding Marienne’s suicide note, Joe put her body, which seemed to be dead, in a park. Nadia, who was following Joe, gave Marienne a shot that helped get her heart rate back up. At the end of the season, Marienne and her daughter Juliette were free from Joe and back together in Paris.

At The End Of You Season 4, Part 2, What Happens To Joe?

During the fourth season of You, Joe and Kate get closer, especially after her boyfriend is killed. In the last episode, because he cared about Kate, he went to the airport hangar where her father worked to get revenge for how he had treated Kate. After killing Kate’s father, Joe and Rhys, an author and possible London mayoral candidate, walk to a bridge, where Joe throws his phone into the water and tries to kill himself.

It turns out that Rhys isn’t behind the “Eat the Rich” murders after all. He woke up later in a hospital bed with Kate by his side. He seemed to admit to the crimes he had done. He told Kate, “First of all, my name is Joe Goldberg.” The screen goes black, and later, viewers find out that Joe moved to New York City with Kate, who got all of her father’s money and power after he died.

Kate uses her new power to help Joe get a fresh start when he goes back to the US. She disagrees with a story in The Cut that said Joe’s ex-wife killed him and then killed herself. She says that Joe actually survived the attack. Kate says that Joe moved to London to start over, and they fell in love right away. Joe joined in and talked about his plans for the future.

He told the press that he wanted to “change the world” with his new business partnership with Kate. Joe is back to doing his old tricks, so it’s hard to say what kind of trouble he’ll cause in New York City in season five of You.

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How Does Part 2 Of You Season 4 End?

How Does Part 2 Of You Season 4 End?

In Season 4 Of You, How Many People Did Joe Kill?

This season, the charming stalker upped the ante by killing seven people over the course of both parts of season 4. First, after a night out drinking, Joe stabbed Malcolm in his dining room. This was his first kill of the season. Then, Simon was found dead after the opening of his art gallery. Later, Vic, Malcom’s bodyguard, was killed because he thought that Joe might have killed Malcom.

Gemma also thought Joe was involved, but she was killed before she could find proof. Rhys was framed as the “eat the rich” killer in the first episode of the fourth season of You. Later, viewers found out that it was all in Joe’s head and that Joe was the one who killed the London socialites. Rhys was killed after he accidentally became one of Joe’s fixations.

Next, after Kate told Joe about her relationship with her dad, Joe killed him as an act of love. Last but not least, Joe killed Edward, the boyfriend of his student Nadia, and then told everyone that Edward had killed Rhys. Nadia had proof that Joe was involved, so she went to talk to him, but it was too late. Before calling the police, the killer had already set up evidence that Edward killed Rhys and left evidence in Nadia’s apartment that she killed Edward.

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