Where to Watch Coraline?
Where to Watch Coraline?

Where to Watch Coraline? What Is Coraline About?

What if you’re a fan of animated films and you’re seeking a terrifying movie to watch this Halloween? In this situation, Coraline is the best movie ever made. This is a must-see because of the brilliant story and enthralling visuals that will keep you riveted till the finish. From where to watch Coraline is the subject of this article. We will also read about other things related to Coraline.

Is it difficult for you to find a place to see this stop-motion animation film? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of every streaming service where you can watch Coraline for free, rent it, or buy it. So, without further ado, let us get to the good stuff.

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What is Coraline?

In Coraline, stop-motion animation is used to create an animated feature film. Perhaps not suitable for younger audiences because of its mildly spooky nature. As with James And The Giant Peach, Henry Selik directed this film.

Coraline Plot

Coraline Plot
Coraline Plot

Coraline is a young child who has been neglected by her workaholic parents. Even though she’s been relocated to a new city, she can’t seem to settle in. But Wyborn, the landlady’s grandson, and a black cat become her best friends.

Coraline receives a doll from Wyborn’s grandmother’s trunk one day. It has button eyes and has an uncanny resemblance to her in appearance. As Coraline follows the doll’s instructions, she discovers a secret door in the living room that leads to a bricked-up passageway.

A mouse wakes Coraline up in the middle of the night. When she pursues the door, she discovers that it is no longer a closed passageway but a portal to another realm. Coraline enters the portal and discovers a weirdly romanticized version of her own world.

Here, she meets the second set of her parents, both of whom have button eyes and are the antithesis of hers in terms of how kind and caring they are. Coraline is fed up with her life at home and makes two more trips to the Other World, where she discovers its dark secrets for the first time.

She’s invited to stay for the rest of the time on her Other Mother’s third visit. The sole requirement is that her eyes also have buttons put on them. A terrified Coraline tries to flee, but she is captured and imprisoned by her other mother behind a mirror.

The reality about this planet and how her Other Mother or The Beldam has reaped many other victims over time by sewing buttons on their eyes and ripping their souls from their bodies is revealed there. The Beldam then dispersed the souls throughout the parallel universe.

Coraline must fool The Beldam in order to save the victims, including her own parents.

How To Watch Coraline On The Internet?

Having a popcorn bucket on your lap while watching a movie is the best way to enjoy the experience. Only in your own home can you do it. As a result, online streaming appears to be the greatest option for catching this young girl’s story.

Coraline may be streamed and rented on our streaming guide, so let’s begin.


Coraline can only be found on the Roku channel, which is the only place where you can watch it for free. Advertising is present on the platform, although it is not obtrusive.

Also available on Roku in HD is Neil Gaiman’s weirdly idealized rendition of the novel. Just grab your popcorn and start watching it right immediately, then. There may be some bothersome adverts popping up while you are watching this alternate reality video in HD, but it’s all for free!

Google Play

Google Play’s low prices and high-quality video streaming make it a popular choice for everyone. The movie Coraline may now be viewed on Google Play as well.

Coraline is available to rent for $2.99 on Google Play, which is a great deal, but if you’d rather buy it, the cost is $9.99.


Coraline is also accessible on Redbox, another widely used online streaming platform, which should come as no surprise. Coraline cannot be rented through Redbox like it can from the Microsoft Store, and the only option on the website is to buy it.

For just $9.99, you can get Henry Selick’s stop-motion animation film and enjoy the fantastic cinematic experience.

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Apple Tv (version 6)

The Henry Selick movie is also available for purchase and rental on Apple TV. A 4k version is not available, but the HD version is available on this streaming service. The movie is both rentable and purchasable online for a fair price.

The standard and HD versions of Coraline may be rented for $3.99 each on Apple TV. Purchasing the film will cost you $9.99 for the ordinary version and $14.99 for the HD version.

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