Where Is Hunter Moore Now?
Where Is Hunter Moore Now?

Where Is Hunter Moore Now? Why Is He So Hated On Internet?

A new Netflix docu-series called The Most Hated Man on the Internet may have caught your attention if you’re a true crime buff. The three-part series follows the rise and decline of Hunter Moore, an American man that achieved prominence in 2010 for launching a website dedicated to the distribution of revenge pornography. You will read about where is Hunter Moore now in this post, so keep reading.

The story is recounted through the eyes of Moore’s victims and those who bravely tried to stop him, providing them a much-needed forum. Executive producer Alex Marengo told Netflix that “the media liked Hunter Moore, nobody was listening to the traumatized sufferers of his revenge-porn website.

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” They have now bravely gone on the video to call out the pain and abuse that Hunter thrived on… A rising number of individuals are calling for a stop to online harassment, and we hope that Netflix’s enormous audience will not only enjoy the voyage but also join that growing number.

Interest in Moore has risen since Netflix released The Most Hated Man on the Net on July 27. Here, we’ll take a closer look at Hunter Moore, who he is, and why Netflix decided to film a documentary about him.

Who Is Hunter Moore?

Hunter Moore, dubbed “the Internet’s most loathed man,” launched AnyoneIsUp in 2010, a site dedicated to revenge pornography that has since been taken down (ie non-consensual sharing of intimate images).

When he later put a naked photo of a female who had broken up with him on the site, it propelled the site in a new direction. In the week following its posting, it received 14,000 views.

After that, he started receiving images from strangers and publishing them on social media. Ex-lovers were sending Moore pictures of their ex-private lover’s parts, which he posted on his website along with the victims’ full names and Facebook photos.

Several ladies told Rolling Stone that their photographs were stolen from their personal computers and that they hadn’t given their authorization for them to be used.

Was Hunter Moore Sentenced To Prison?

Hunter Moore
Hunter Moore

It took the FBI two years to compile evidence from over 40 victims before turning it over to Charlotte Laws, the mother of a woman whose photographs were posted on AnyoneIsUp. It wasn’t for his misogynistic behavior that Moore was indicted in 2014, but rather for the way he obtained the content for his revenge porn – conspiracy and unauthorized access to secured computer charges.

On the second of the two days following his release from jail, on a US$100,000 surety bail, the defendant admitted to charges of aggravating identity theft and helping to facilitate unauthorized access in 2015. For his crimes, Moore was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison, along with three years of court supervision, a fine of $2,000, as well as $145.70 in restitution in the amount of USD $145.70.

Does AnyoneIsUp Have Vanish?

Activist James McGibney, who launched the anti-bullying website Bullyville.com, purchased the domain name in 2021 and will use it going forward. “On this day 12 years ago I sold our site IsAnyoneUp and the rest is history,” Moore posted on Twitter on April 20th of this year. “The rest is history.”

Hunter Moore: Where Is He Now?

As soon as Hunter Moore was freed from prison in 2017, his public life was kept to a minimum. Is Anyone Up? was published by him in 2018.

As of right now, @ iamhuntermoore is the handle of both his TikTok and Twitter accounts. His choice not to participate in the Netflix documentary series was made public earlier this week.

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According to his tweet, “A lot of people have been asking why didn’t I share my side of the story on Netflix, because at first we all agreed about the terms and all, but at the end, they wouldn’t let me speak my side of the story,” he explained.

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