What You Need to Know About Sequence – WeightWatchers’ New Digital Health App Acquisition


In early 2023, WeightWatchers announced its plans to acquire the digital health platform Sequence as part of its shift into the medical weight loss market. Sequence specializes in offering clinical care for chronic weight issues, which involves telehealth consultations, insurance coordination, nutrition and fitness plans, and prescription weight loss drugs to aid patients in managing weight.

Combining WeightWatchers’s successful nutrition and behavior change program that aids participants in building healthy habits with Sequence’s clinical approach to managing weight aims to provide more comprehensive and holistic care. Here’s what you need to know about WeightWatcher and Sequences’ agreement and what that means for the future of chronic weight management treatment:

The rise of weight loss drugs

In recent years, the demand for weight loss drugs like Ozempic and Mojunaro has increased massively. These semaglutide and tirzepatide drugs were initially developed and prescribed to help people with diabetes regulate blood sugar by mimicking the function of the glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) hormone. Still, they can be prescribed off-label for weight loss due to their appetite-suppressing abilities.

The Sequence platform can prescribe these weight-loss medications depending on a patient’s medical history, goals, and insurance coverage. Other than the popular GLP-1 drugs, they also offer tablets like Metformin for weight loss. Like Ozempic, it also helps with diabetes treatment and weight loss, but a more affordable alternative for patients since it’s a generic medication. WeightWatcher’s acquisition of Sequence will allow them to take advantage of the platform’s clinical weight management treatments, which will be paired with their lifestyle program for more effective change.

The shift in weight culture

WeightWatcher and Sequence’s agreement comes at an interesting time in the weight loss world. Much of the culture and discussion around weight loss has pivoted away from the goal of shedding pounds fast in favor of wellness and cultivating healthy habits holistically. Obesity is also now treated as a chronic disease affected by various complex factors rather than the fault of the person struggling with weight. WeightWatchers adapted to these changing views, offering programs that are less about losing weight and more about pursuing nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness.

Perspectives on weight loss medications have also been evolving; scientific advancements have made these drugs more effective and safe than older ones. Public figures and celebrities are being more open about weight loss and are said to be using them, such as Mindy Kaling, Rosie O’Donnell, and Elon Musk. More openness surrounding their use makes people feel less ashamed of needing medications to help address biological factors of weight. Sequence’s services have been instrumental in a period of increased demand for weight loss drugs and medical weight loss.

What’s next?

Though both lifestyle changes and clinical weight loss solutions are effective, combining the two has shown immense benefits for those requiring chronic weight management treatment. WeightWatchers’s shift towards holistic wellness and the efficacy of a lifestyle program for the services offered by Sequence provides mutual benefit for the two brands. Those who wish to receive comprehensive treatment for obesity and other weight-related issues also benefit from the acquisition.

With the influence of WeightWatchers and the novel offerings of Sequence, this partnership may usher in more awareness of the power of clinical weight loss and lifestyle and behavioral change programs. The stigma surrounding obesity and its treatments may see considerable pushback, encouraging more people to get the care they need.

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