What Does ‘f**k 12’ Mean? Twitter Dominated By Slang Hashtag

George Floyd, who lives in Minneapolis, died. He has been talked about on social media since the news broke on Monday.

This is a photo that is on social media. It is very bad and scary. I don’t like it. People are saying that the Minneapolis Police Department does not do a good job. They say that is because they have used police brutality too much.

What Does ‘f**k 12’ Mean?

The word ‘liberal’ often means something different in other places, but in social media and blogs, it most often means this.

The 12 is a group of people who help with drugs. They are the DEA and Narcotics Unit.

The slang has been said to have originated in Atlanta or Oakland. Migos is a group of singers. They have sung a song called ‘Bad and Boujee.’

Some people think that the 12 could represent jurors.

Adam-12 Meaning-

The term ’12’ in reference to a police officer was first used by a TV show called Adam-12. It is from the 1960s. The show followed the LA Police Department.

F**k 12 Takes Over TwitteR

Where Does ‘f**k 12’ Come From?

All three words have been used a lot in the past week. They are about the police in America.

Rappers gave an award to a family and child at the Grammys.

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