What Does ‘f**k 12’ Mean? Twitter Dominated By Slang Hashtag

What Happened To Tiktok Room

George Floyd, who lives in Minneapolis, died. He has been talked about on social media since the news broke on Monday.

This is a photo that is on social media. It is very bad and scary. I don’t like it. People are saying that the Minneapolis Police Department does not do a good job. They say that is because they have used police brutality too much.

What Does ‘f**k 12’ Mean?

The word ‘liberal’ often means something different in other places, but in social media and blogs, it most often means this.

The 12 is a group of people who help with drugs. They are the DEA and Narcotics Unit.

The slang has been said to have originated in Atlanta or Oakland. Migos is a group of singers. They have sung a song called ‘Bad and Boujee.’

Some people think that the 12 could represent jurors.

Adam-12 Meaning-

The term ’12’ in reference to a police officer was first used by a TV show called Adam-12. It is from the 1960s. The show followed the LA Police Department.

F**k 12 Takes Over TwitteR

Where Does ‘f**k 12’ Come From?

All three words have been used a lot in the past week. They are about the police in America.

Rappers gave an award to a family and child at the Grammys.

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