wednesday season 2 release date
wednesday season 2 release date

Wednesday Season 2 Release Date: When is It Expected to Be Out?

You’ve found the proper location if the Wednesday series has corrupted your life, too, and you’re desperate for Netflix to release the second season immediately. With 341.23 million hours seen in its first week, it became the most-watched English-language series in that time for the streaming service, besting even Stranger Things.

Netflix is well aware that the Addams Family spinoff has skyrocketed to unprecedented heights of popularity. Here comes the streamer to confirm that Season 2 of Wednesday will indeed happen.

Find out everything we know about the second season of “Wednesday,” including the truth about those “cancellation” rumours that are going around on TikTok and what the deal is with a possible Lady Gaga cameo, in the next section.

When Can We Expect Wednesday Season 2 to Premiere on Netflix?

wednesday season 2 release date
wednesday season 2 release date

It’s challenging to estimate. If we look at the production schedule for season 1, we see that filming began in September 2021 and ended in March 2022 (plus the eight months it took for the show to hit our screens), for a total turnover time of about a year and a month.

Additionally, we have covered information about the seasons of other shows that you might be interested in:

If Netflix wants to make a second season and sticks to the same plan, Wednesday would take six months to film and eight months to edit. This would put the release date in early to mid-2024.

And no, Wednesday has not been cancelled! If you’ve heard that Wednesday’s class has been cancelled, don’t panic. Some recent TikTok videos have sparked panic among Wednesday’s devoted following by implying that the show’s production firm, MGM Studios, was sold from Netflix to Amazon.

Now, here’s how things stand in reality. It was revealed by Deadline last year that Amazon paid $8.5 billion to acquire MGM, making the digital giant the legal owner of the show’s intellectual property. New information from The Independent suggests that Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are engaged in a bidding war for season 2 of Wednesday.

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