House Republicans Set to Launch Probe into ‘Weaponization’ of FBI, Intel Agencies
House Republicans Set to Launch Probe into ‘Weaponization’ of FBI, Intel Agencies

House Republicans Are Going To Look Into The “Weaponization” Of The FBI And Other Intelligence Agencies

This week, the House of Representatives, which is currently controlled by Republicans, is scheduled to vote on a resolution to establish a Judiciary subcommittee to investigate the “weaponization of the federal government,” which would include law enforcement and national security agencies.

The next chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Republican Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, is expected to take the helm of the committee, as reported by the New York Times. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the Republican holdouts who had initially opposed his campaign for the speakership were engaged in negotiations regarding the subcommittee.

Representative Chip Roy (R., Texas), who was one of McCarthy’s opponents in many of the early rounds of voting for the speakership, told Fox News that McCarthy has vowed to supply the subcommittee with at least as much funding and staffing as the now-defunct House committee investigating the riot in the Capitol on January 6. Roy is a Republican.

Roy stated that now they had more money, more specificity, and more power to go after the stubborn Biden administration. “That is of the utmost significance.” Roy has stated that the panel will “go after the weaponization of the government, the F.B.I., the intel agencies, the D.H.S., all of them that have been, you know, naming Scott Smith a domestic terrorist.”

In the girls’ restroom at their high school in Loudoun County, Virginia, Smith’s daughter was the victim of sexual assault. After being arrested during a heated debate over bathroom regulation at a school-board meeting, he was later found guilty of disorderly conduct and sentenced to jail time. In a letter that was sent to President Biden in September of 2021, the National School Boards Association included a reference to Smith’s arrest as part of a list of what it called a trend of violence and threats against school officials.

The association described the trend as occurring against school officials. In the letter, parents who object to progressive curricular changes were referred to as “possible domestic terrorists,” and the authors asked for assistance from the federal government.

As a response, Attorney General Garland issued a memorandum, instructing United States Attorneys and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to meet with local officials all around the country to explore “options for resolving threats” against school administrators and instructors.

According to the New York Times, the new panel will have the authority to investigate concerns relating to civil rights and to review how any federal agency has acquired, processed, and used information about Americans, even in “ongoing criminal investigations.” Investigations already underway could include ones concerning former President Trump or Hunter Biden, for example.

Any requests for information regarding active criminal investigations will most certainly be met with resistance from the Justice Department. The resolution that will be put to a vote on Tuesday would grant the new subcommittee the authority to access highly classified information that is provided by intelligence agencies to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

House Republicans Are Going To Look Into The Weaponization Of The FBI And Other Intelligence Agencies
House Republicans Are Going To Look Into The Weaponization Of The FBI And Other Intelligence Agencies

Now that the Republicans are in control of the House, they plan to initiate a number of other investigations, some of which will look into the causes of the Covid-19 outbreak and the actions of Dr. Anthony Fauci. A vote on the House rules package, which includes this inquiry, is scheduled to take place on Monday.

In addition to this, McCarthy has pledged to establish a House Select Committee on China. He made his initial attempt to establish the panel in 2020; however, Republicans claim that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) halted the initiative about the time the COVID-19 pandemic began out of concern that the question of China had become too political.

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