Warzone Season 4: Release Date, Plot, and More


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Fans of the Call of Duty video game series, rejoice! Season 4 of Warzone kicks off today, as Activision launches its latest wave of large and new content for Call of Duty (CoD For the fourth time, Warzone and Call of Duty: Vanguard will collaborate on new content, and both games will see a slew of improvements as a result.

Despite the fact that the Pacific Caldera map will still be available, the developers are making use of this chance to add a new map – Fortune’s Keep – to the free Warzone experience. Because of this, today is an excellent day to be a CoD fan. It’s officially official when Warzone season 4 will begin (both in the UK and elsewhere), so read on for a breakdown of all the pertinent information.

Warzone season 4 Plotline

Season 3 of Warzone has entered its midway point, and many are asking when it will conclude. Season 3 will come to an end on June 22nd, in accordance with the commencement date of Season 4.

A new Battle Pass will be released soon, but there’s still time to complete the current one. As of right now, that’s all we know about Warzone Season 4. We’ll keep this hub up to current as new information comes to light, so check back often. While you’re waiting, you may find all the newest Warzone information on our Warzone page.


A new game mode is anticipated to be introduced with the new map, as well as the strings that expose Fortune’s Keep. There’s a risk that gamers will go toe-to-toe for control of the gold, which is known as Cold War. In order to have a better sense of what the mode is all about, we’ll have to wait until Season 4.

Warzone season 4 Release date

This Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022, is set aside for the premiere of Warzone season 4. The free Call of Duty game will benefit from the update. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is expected to arrive later this year, so this should be enough to keep us entertained until then For fans of Call of Duty, this isn’t exactly a peaceful time!

It will be 9 a.m. Pacific Time when Warzone season 4 premieres. This implies that Warzone season 4 will begin on the 22nd of June at 5 p.m. British Summer Time (BST) for viewers in the United Kingdom. The Vanguard update came around 5 pm BST on June 21st, so if you already possess the original game, you should be able to download and play the new content.

Season 4 of Warzone will have the subject of “Mercenaries of Fortune.” These are some of the things you’ll find: Fortune’s Keep, a new Resurgence map. Rebirth Island is around the same size. There are several interesting places to explore on this map including the Town, Winery, Keep, and Smuggler’s Cove.

Fortune’s Keep will be the first to introduce new features such as Black Market Supply Run contracts and Cash Extraction events, as well as other changes.

Supplying the Black Market To earn off-market treasure via run contracts, get to Black Market locations as quickly as can.
Ambush mercenaries as they seek to collect cash in exchange for large prizes for Cash Extraction. Caldera has also been updated. You may now find Storage Town (the iconic Verdansk site) between the Mines and Dig Site.

Rivers in the Caldera map have dried up as a result of a severe drought. Mercenaries have set up camp in these regions, making the map more perilous to travel through. The armored SUV is being introduced to Caldera first so that you can move around the unfamiliar terrain more easily. Operators can use their own loadout weaponry in the specialized rooftop turret seat.

Warzone season 4 Maping

  • A new map for Resurgence: Fortune’s Keep
  • Changes to Caldera’s layout
  • The return of Storage Town
  • Mercenary Bunkers and Key Cards
  • A new vehicle: The Armoured SUV
  • A new Contract: Black Market Supply Run
  • Golden Plunder Game Mode updates and ATMs
  • Mercenaries of Fortune event
  • New Battle Pass, Operators, and weapons


A wide scattershot strategy that alters many tiny things rather than adding one major new feature or reversing a single thing indicates that there is a lot to come. In the meantime, you can either scroll down or utilize the handy tabs to take a look at whatever catches your eye! Check out when Warzone Season 4 will be playable by visiting the dedicated release time page.

Warzone season 4 Trailer


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