Wakanda Forever Introduces Ironheart
Wakanda Forever Introduces Ironheart

How Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Introduces Ironheart, Played By Dominique Thorne

Soon, a new hero will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Queen Ramonda (Angela Bassett), Shuri (Letitia Wright), Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o), Okoye (Danai Gurira), and M’Baku will be in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever lot (Winston Duke). The movie will also introduce Namor, a powerful mutant who leads the underwater kingdom of Talocan and fights against the Wakandans. Tenoch Huerta will play him.

But the sequel to Black Panther will also introduce a new hero who isn’t from Wakanda or Talocan. Riri Williams, also known as Ironheart, is ready to make her big-screen debut after a short but essential time in Marvel comics.

Dominique Thorne (If Beale Street Could Talk) plays Riri, a teenager born and raised in Chicago and a genius inventor and engineering student. She learns from Tony Stark and uses her intelligence and mechanical skills to build her armored suit and find her way to being a hero.

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Thorne says, “I love that she is just completely herself.” “She is not at all the usual or typical superhero. She is very much Riri Williams, the 19-year-old student, but she also has to figure out this Ironheart thing.”

The teen Riri, made by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Mike Deodato, made her comics debut in 2016 when she took over Tony Stark’s role as Iron Man. Now, she will join the MCU in Wakanda Forever, and in 2023, she will star in her Disney+ show, Ironheart.

“I remember when Riri was first made up in books, and there was a lot of excitement about her,” says Ryan Coogler, who is also the director of Black Panther and is producing the Ironheart show. “It was about the same as when Miles Morales was made up.

Wakanda Forever Introduces Ironheart

Having lived with these archetypal characters for so long, it’s always interesting to see someone with a different background take on the name.” Tony Stark made his name as Iron Man by being a genius, a billionaire, a playboy, and a good person. The young Riri, on the other hand, is much more grounded.

In Wakanda Forever, she works with Shuri, and Wright says she’s excited for Shuri to meet another smart girl and for young viewers to see another intelligent, science-focused Black woman on screen. Wright says, “It’s like that’s being done again in a new and beautiful way.” “I think it’s wonderful that these characters have more room to shine.”

Still, even though Shuri and Riri are both smart, their backgrounds and personalities are very different. Riri grew up in Chicago, while Shuri was raised as the princess of a powerful, advanced African nation.

She brings a different kind of energy, but she has some things in common with characters we’ve seen before in this universe,” says Coogler. “The movie is about many different things, but one of them is foils, people who are different but have something in common. In this movie, Shuri meets a person similar to her in some ways but also very different.

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