Virgin River Season 5

Virgin River Season 5 Release Date Status, and More

Now that Virgin River season four has been released on Netflix, we can begin to speculate about the possibility of a fifth season in the works. After all, it’s what the majority of the population wants, right? Here’s all we know about the film so far, including the release date, storylines, and what the cast has to say about it.

Virgin River Season 5

It has, without a doubt! Netflix has revealed that a fourth and fifth season of Virgin River would be published in July 2021, just two months after the third season of the program was released in July 2021.

“[With] everything that’s been going on in the globe, people are increasingly [searching for] not just that comfort, but also that feeling of optimism and that sense of community,” Jinny Howe, Netflix’s VP of original programs, told USA Today in announcing the announcement.

“All of that really came together in a way that was really organic, and I think this was more of a proof point that this is a really vital area of programming for us.”Virgin River Season 5

Virgin River Season 5 Cast

Alexandra Breckenridge, who portrays Mel Monroe, said in early January 2022 that production for season five has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. She shared her thoughts on Instagram Stories.  “We were supposed to start [filming] in March, but it was pushed so… I don’t know. I don’t know man.

“I’m hoping that maybe we’ll start in the summer. It would be nice to film in Vancouver in the summer rather than the winter. To be quite frank with you guys, I’m pretty done filming in Vancouver in the winter. Not really interested in doing that ever again, actually.

“It’s really cold. And when you’re standing outside in sandals, and little outfits because it’s supposed to be the middle of summer… not awesome!”

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What Do You Think Will Happen In Virgin River Season 5?

Fans are looking forward to finding out if Jack or Mel’s late ex-husband Mark is the father of her kid in season four, which will premiere on September 14. Then there’s the minor matter of whether or not Jack will actually go through with his plan.

Preacher is poisoned by Paige’s old “friend” towards the conclusion of season three, making Christopher a susceptible target for her ex-husband, Wes, in another episode. In the aftermath of being arrested for shooting Brie’s brother, Brady thinks he is being set up, and Hope is in serious condition after being involved in a vehicle accident. Season four must, in essence, resolve *every* character’s cliffhanger before we can even begin to consider what will happen in season five.

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Virgin River Season 5 Release Date

Due to the fact that Alexandra Breckenridge already announced that production would begin in the spring/summer of 2022, it is doubtful that we will see anything until 2023. Fans are expecting that Virgin River season four will be released within the next six months, so there’s something to look forward to there as well.

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