What Does Poll Say About The Chances Of Val Demings Beating Marco Rubio
What Does Poll Say About The Chances Of Val Demings Beating Marco Rubio

What Does Poll Say About The Chances Of Val Demings Beating Marco Rubio?

Democrats are hopeful that Florida Congresswoman Val Demings, who won the Democratic primary for the state’s Senate seat on Tuesday, would help the party recover in the Republican-leaning form. Demings, a former chief of police in Orlando, is challenging Marco Rubio, a Republican who has held Florida’s Senate seat since 2011. Here you will read about if Val Demings beat Marco Rubio and other related details.

Recent polls have shown a tighter race than previously thought as Republicans grapple with the political consequences of the overthrow of Roe v. Wade and Democratic candidates rise in surveys around the country. The polls still show Rubio with a comfortable lead, but his reelection chances are dwindling.

The most recent polls have shown Rubio is leading Deming by double digits. According to a survey of probable voters by Center Street PAC between August 12 and 14, Rubio has 52% of respondents’ support, while Demings supports 41%. Even said, other recent surveys have shown a considerably closer race between Rubio and Demings.

Demings led Rubio by four points in a poll conducted by the University of North Florida between August 8 and 12. In the survey, 48% of people said they would vote for her, while 44% said they would vote for Rubio. 7% stated they would vote for someone else, while 2% were undecided.

Val Demings
Val Demings

Meanwhile, a Democratic-leaning study revealed a dead heat between the candidates, with 46% of potential voters supporting each. This survey was done by Change Research and funded by EMILY’s List from August 2-5.

While Rubio continues to lead in other recent polls, his advantage has narrowed from surveys taken in the winter and early spring, when he was showing double-digit leads over Demings.

Throughout the campaign, Demings has raised more money than Rubio. According to the most recent data released by the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday, she has raised $47,857,271, far more than Rubio’s $36,748,816. This gives her greater financial flexibility to invest in campaigning and television advertisements.

Democrats are hoping Demings will increase their chances of increasing their Senate majority even though the national environment is somewhat more favorable to Republicans.

Still, the Democrats aren’t going to emphasize the Florida race this November significantly. While the Republican Party must cope with potentially divisive candidates in some swing states, polling suggests that the Democrats have better pickup possibilities in Senate races in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, and North Carolina.

In 2016, Marco Rubio was reelected to the Senate of Florida by approximately eight percentage points. Florida has traditionally been one of the most competitive states in the United States.

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