Unleash the Elements in Season 9
Unleash the Elements in Season 9

Unleash the Elements in Season 9: What We Know So Far?

Unleash the Elements in Season 9: The dragons of Forbidden Temple Arena have at last risen from their long slumber, long locked in place by an ancient seal. These legendary animals have left a wealth of elemental Items in their path as the two restart their endless conflict.

In Season 9, which debuts on December 7, learn the details of a long-lost Rocket Pass, locate the Forbidden Temple (Fire & Ice), and control the power of the Emperor Car.

An Elemental Rocket Pass

While dragons may control the skies above, a different kind of beast rules the Arena. The Emperor muscle car, which has four variations, returns to Rocket League from the elements. With Rocket Pass Premium, the base vehicle is immediately accessible, and advancing through the Tiers will unlock the improved Emperor II.

The Pro Tiers will provide two more Special Edition variations. You may fire up the Arena with Emperor II: Scorched or add some coolness to your sweatiest fights with Emperor II: Frozen. Emperor is offered in Rocket Pass Premium and will all employ the Breakout Hitbox. You’ll need a few accessories once you’ve gotten your new car! Constella Decal, which was inspired by constellations, will leave fans of the Interstellar Decal in awe, and two sets of Special Edition Wheels maintain the fire and ice motif.

Equip the Forerunner: Roasted Wheels for your next barn burner or the Piercer: Crystalized Wheels to freeze out the opposition. Haven’t received your 2017 Dragon Banner Season Rewards yet? The Ice Drake and Fire Drake Player Banners will provide you with an additional opportunity to indulge your draconic nature.

Two new Goal Explosions are available to those who enter the Rocket Pass Pro Tiers. At Tier 95, you can unlock the Brimstone Goal Explosion to unleash the fury of fire, or at Tier 115, you can unlock the Ice Age Goal Explosion to freeze the earth. But that’s only the beginning; similar to Season 5’s Cosmosis Goal Explosion, each of these effects will quickly cover the field in fire or ice after you score.

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Play With Fire, Break the Ice

Finally, we learned why the Forbidden Temple truly is forbidden. The once-green Arena has been turned into a wasteland of frozen and molten lava as a result of the release of both dragons. Forbidden Temple (Fire & Ice) appears like the ideal location for a casual game of Soccer despite the damages.

Tournament Rewards

The tournament rewards for this season are incredibly hot. With the Seared Path and Fireball Boost, you may leave a fiery trail in your wake. The Oil Can Antenna has all the fuel you could possibly need, but first, you’ll need something to burn. This Season’s Black Market Rewards for the genuinely fortunate bring out the competitive side of things.

With the dynamic decal Skulking Scale, which combines sparkling crystal with dragon scales, you can summon something terrible or light up the night with a fiery Fire Clap Goal Explosion.

Secrets of the Temple

We found some antiquated books among the wreckage after the temple grounds were completely destroyed. We have so far decoded two brief messages, but their true meaning has to be discovered: Neon Nights is coming back with the hottest music ever, while Frosty Fest will provide some seriously relaxing feelings! Soon, further details from our skilled Psyonix Archeologists will be reported.

Season 8 Tournament Credits will reset as soon as the season ends. An All-Star Cup prize will be given to players who participated in Competitive Tournaments throughout Season 8. According to a player’s Tournament Rank and remaining Tournament Credits, any unspent Tournament Credits will be converted to the highest level award they are qualified to receive. When you sign into Season 9 for the first time, this conversion will occur automatically.

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