Tom Schwartz Brother With Cαncer
Tom Schwartz Brother With Cαncer

Tom Schwartz Brother With Cαncer Warrior Inspiring Journey in 2023!

Before learning that his closest friend had been having an affair with Raquel Leviss for seven months, the Vanderpump Rules star divorced his ex-wife, Katie Maloney, and kissed her. The punishment for keeping Tom Sandoval’s identity a secret now awaits him.

Tom Schwartz stated he learned of the reunion in late August 2022, while Tom said he told his best friend in January. Viewers of Bravo are now interested in learning how his cαncer-stricken brother is doing.

Is Tom Schwartz’s Brother With Cαncer?

Tom disclosed that his brother was diagnosed with cαncer when he learned about Sandoval’s extramarital affair. On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Schwartz responded to the question of whether he was complacent about the circumstance by saying:

Tom Schwartz Brother With Cαncer

I was dealing with some high-stakes, real-life issues. My brother was diagnosed with cαncer, I was going bankrupt, my dad nearly d!ed, and I was divorced. I wasn’t morally depraved; I was preoccupied with my tiny universe.

And perhaps I ought to have taken more initiative in this regard. To be fair, I did inform Tom of all he needed to accomplish. He consented, but he later changed his mind.

Brandon, the reality TV star’s brother, was diagnosed with cαncer, he disclosed. “My brother Brando got his hair back post chemo. Send this man some love.” Schwartz said with a photo of his sibling in an Instagram post from October 2022. Love this man, please.


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To know More About Schwartz’s Siblings

Billy, Brandon, and Burt, three triplets, are Tom’s children. Fans want them to have their own reality show because they have all appeared on Vanderpump Rules in the past and rapidly rose to the top.

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On March 24, they all celebrate their birthdays. Tom has three brothers, a sister, two half-sisters, and a half-brother in addition to his three brothers. When the triplets attended Schwartz and Maloney’s wedding in 2016, fans first met them.

The Florida-based brothers stunned Schwartz by traveling to the wedding. Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval, who paid for the flights as a wedding gift, successfully completed the assignment.

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