Titanic Submersible Debris Found on Ocean Floor
Titanic Submersible Debris Found on Ocean Floor

Titanic Director James Cameron Slams Desperate Search for Missing Sub as a Sh0cking Charade

James Cameron, the filmmaker of “Titanic,” has denounced the days-long hunt for the missing Titan submarine as a “nightmarish charade” and insisted that he was aware that the ship had disintegrated barely hours after losing touch with the surface.

The Titan submarine was lost shortly after the news that the five people on board were gone, according to submersible pioneer Cameron, who has made 33 excursions to the Titanic ruins. Cameron told the BBC on Friday that he “felt in my bones” that.

The 68-year-old director claimed that the ensuing search for the submersible, which included the countdown of how much air was left and the report of banging noises, “felt like a prolonged and nightmarish charade.”

In Cameron’s opinion, “That was just a cruel, slow turn of the screw for four days, as far as I’m concerned.” “Because I knew the truth on Monday morning.”

“For me, there was no doubt. I knew that sub was sitting exactly underneath its last known depth and position. That’s exactly where they found it,” he said.

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ON THURSDAY, the US Coast Guard announced that an implosion had instantly ki!!ed all five passengers while they were descending to inspect the 111-year-old ruins of the Titanic. This information came to light after a multi-day search.

The conclusion was reached after search crews discovered sub-related debris near the ocean liner’s wreckage on the ocean floor.

But when Cameron learned that the submersible had lost navigation and communications less than two hours after taking off at 6 a.m. Sunday, he claimed he immediately understood that an “extreme catastrophic event” had occurred.

“I felt in my bones what had happened. For the sub’s electronics to fail and its communication system to fail, and its tracking transponder to fail simultaneously — sub’s gone,” he said.

The renowned filmmaker claimed that after immediately contacting his submersible contacts, he learned within an hour that the ship had lost touch while near the ocean floor.

“Their comms were lost and navigation was lost. I said instantly, you can’t lose comms and navigation together without an extreme catastrophic event or high, highly energetic catastrophic event,” he said.

“The first thing that popped to mind was an implosion.” According to Cameron, one of the tragic features of the sad incident was how “preventable it really was.”

Titanic Submersible Debris Found on Ocean Floor

He remarked, “We now have another wreck based on, unfortunately, the same principles of not heeding warnings.”

British millionaire adventurer Hamish Harding, French Titanic specialist Paul-Henri Nargeolet, OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush, Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood, and his 19-year-old son Sulaiman were among the passengers that perished on board.

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