Three-legged Bear White Claw Florida

When A Thirsty Three-legged Bear Craves White Claw In Florida!

A family in Florida recently saw something strange on their home’s security system: a three-legged bear stealing some White Claw hard seltzers from their outdoor fridge.

Josaury Faneite-Diglio of Lake Mary, Florida, said That her home security system told her that someone was moving near the garage.

“I immediately checked and saw the bear,” she said via Facebook messenger. “But as soon as I saw him walking and limping, I knew it was Tripod.”

You can check out a video clip of that bear by USA TODAY Twitter handle:

Tripod is known in the neighborhood because the bear has only three legs, which makes it easy to spot. Faneite-Diglio said To a News reporter, “He does not harm,” “We are surrounded by wildlife, deers, snakes, coyotes, and bears. This is their habitat. We respect them and give them the space.”

She said she called her son, who was at home and knew something was wrong because their dog, Bruno, started barking. Tripod was wandering around in the yard when security cameras got him, and Faneite-Diglio’s son started filming the bear from inside the house. He caught the bear opening an outdoor fridge.

“As you may know, it’s hot here in Florida, so Tripoid the bear needed to refresh, and he decided to go for the White Claws when he opened the cooler,”  Faneite-Diglio explained.

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After Tripod left, pictures show that he opened a fridge that had a keg in it and took out three cans of White Claw hard seltzers. Faneite-Diglio said that he broke a hole in at least one of the cans so he could drink from it. She also said that the bear went to their fish tank and took food for the fish.

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