The First Descendant Release Date

The First Descendant Release Date: The Open Beta System Explained!

The First Descendant is a new sci-fi looter-shooter game that will be free to play and will be similar to Outriders and Warframe. It is being made with Unreal Engine 5 and has photo-realistic graphics, fast-paced, brutal action, and a focus on building.

Nexon Games, which made The First Descendant and is based in South Korea, keeps giving out more information about the game as we get closer to the cross-platform open test, where you can finally try it for yourself. But before that happens, here is everything you need to know about The First Descendant to get excited, including its release date, story, available characters, gameplay, and more.

The First Descendant Release Date And Platforms

Because Nexon games normally launch within a few months of the game’s open beta, the First Descendant release date is projected to arrive around the end of February 2024.

Unfortunately, Nexon has yet to confirm a release date or even a release timeframe. However, the game’s open beta test began on September 19, 2023, indicating that the release date isn’t too far away. Still, we can guess that the game will be out soon because Nvidia tweeted about the game’s new video.

One month after a closed beta test, MapleStory Evolution was released. Meanwhile, KartRider Drift held a cross-platform beta in August 2022, only to be launched four months later. If Nexon continues on this path, The First Descendant might be released somewhere between one and five months from now.

Characters And The Story Of The First Descendant

The First Descendant takes place on the continent of Ingris, which is torn apart by war. You play as one of the Descendants, who are superhumans whose ancestors gave them physical and magical powers.

As a Descendant, it is your job to protect Ingris from an enemy group called Vulgus, whose leader has been causing trouble all over the land. You play as one of the thirteen Descendants, each of whom has a different set of skills, powers, and way of fighting.

These characters are:

  • Lepic
  • Ultimate Lepic
  • Ajax
  • Viessa
  • Jayber
  • Sharen
  • Gley
  • Blair
  • Bunny
  • Freyna

Nexon introduced three new characters heading to the cross beta during the Extended Xbox Games Showcase 2023. They are as follows:

  • Ultimate Viessa
  • Kyle
  • Valby

The First Descendant Gameplay

As previously stated, The First Descendant is a third-person looter shooter in which you battle extraterrestrial adversaries. Traversal is a big part of the game, and you can navigate Ingris by using a grappling hook.

There are massive boss raids that you can complete alone or with three other players. The boss’s bouts are primarily on finding and exploiting the enemy’s weak points.

Each character has a distinct playstyle and set of active and passive skills. For example, one of the characters, Valby, may use water elemental assaults, but another, Ultimate Viessa, can fly about the battlefield using magnetic protections.

The First Descendant Release Date

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Will The First Descendant Have Microtransactions?

Since The First Descendant is a free-to-play game, there will be microtransactions. Nexon Games has said, though, that you can get new characters and stuff by playing. But, like most free-to-play games, you might still be able to buy some cosmetic things with real money.

Open Bets For The First Descendant

You’re in luck if you read this before September 25. You can sign up for the open test of The First Descendant right now and be among the first to learn about the Descendants and what they can do. We’ll show you a few of them here, but for the rest, you’ll have to play the game. Also, there are a lot of cool prizes for taking part, so what more could you want?

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