The Family Chantel Season 4
The Family Chantel Season 4

The Family Chantel Season 4: Pedro and Chantel’s Final Situation

After a brief six-episode final season, the final episode of The Family Chantel concluded the romantic journey of Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno. After Chantel and Pedro documented their romance and marriage on 90 Day Fiancé, The Family Chantel ran for five seasons.
Although it wasn’t a clear-cut happy ending for the former golden couple, the series finale gave Chantel and Pedro some closure following their contentious divorce in season 4. Throughout its numerous episodes, The Family Chantel has mostly concentrated on Chantel and Pedro.
On the other hand, Chantel and Pedro both had parents and siblings that played a part in their dramatic storylines, which mixed family conflict with romantic problems. Significant drama erupted in Family Chantel season 4 when Chantel accused Pedro of abandoning her and he filed for divorce after she refused to attend marital therapy.
This resulted in a shocking breakup and a dramatic finale for season five of The Family Chantel.

Chantel & Pedro Had A Final Confrontation

The Family Chantel Season 4
The Family Chantel Season 4
Before The Family After Obed Corporan informed Chantel that Pedro had taken advantage of her, Chantel ended her life permanently. She and her younger brother, Riverknight Everett, travelled to the Dominican Republic to face Pedro and his family.
During a FaceTime chat, Chantel cursed at Pedro, calling him a “pathetic predator” and a “pathetic user” and claiming to have changed his life. Chanel remarked, “You preyed on me, you tricked me,” as she threatened to deport Pedro.
Later on, Pedro expressed regret to Chantel for being an unfaithful spouse, but she rejected his sincere apologies since he refrained from confessing his infidelity. See the post for more details:


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Is Chantel and Pedro’s Situation Still Hopeful?

It’s safe to conclude that Pedro and Chantel did not stage their split to garner attention, and they do not plan on getting back together after their split. After rejecting Pedro’s apologies, Chantel walked away from him and his family for the last time in tears in The Family Chantel season 5, marking the end of the couple’s story.
The answer to the question of whether Pedro utilized Chantel will always be up to interpretation. Pedro claimed he loved Chantel and married her out of love, despite Chantel’s insistence that he used her.
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Following her final departure, Chantel declared that her relationship with Pedro and his family was permanent. While Chanel acknowledged that having a family and getting married are her life goals, she also acknowledged that Pedro would not be in the future.
The final word on The Family Chantel came from Chantel, who stated that she can now move on and find her future with someone else since she feels at last free from Pedro. However, Pedro’s plot was shortened in season five of The Family Chantel, since he was reduced to a supporting role following the breakup.
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