Tennessee Makes Its Third-grade TCAP Results Public
Tennessee Makes Its Third-grade TCAP Results Public

Tennessee Makes Its Third-grade TCAP Results Public!

As statewide TCAP tests are presented to parents, the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) highlights “historic gains” in third-grade reading. However, the TDOE also stated that over 60% of third graders across the state still fell short.

New retention regulation, pupils who don’t get the required TCAP exam score may have to attend summer school or a tutoring program before they may advance to the fourth grade.

The spring 2023 Tennessee Comprehensive Academic Program (TCAP) results for third graders in English Language Arts (ELA) indicated the following:

  • Below proficiency: 25%
  • Approaching proficiency: 35%
  • Met proficiency: 27%
  • Exceeded proficiency: 13%

Individual third graders’ ELA test results were shared with Tennessee school districts on Friday, according to the TDOE, and those districts will inform families about the developments and the pathways to promotion to the fourth grade, including the chance to retake the TCAP, a free summer camp, and/or tutoring in the coming academic year.

Tennessee Makes Its Third-grade TCAP Results Public

The Tennessee Department of Education states students have until June 5 to retake the exam. Here is a peek at the TDOE timeline, and you can read more about the TDOE’s materials available HERE.

The TDOE stated that “Families can find critical timeline information posted on the department’s website and should coordinate with their student’s school to ensure they can make informed decisions about their student’s education.”

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TDOE, the 40% proficient score represents a 4.3 percentage point gain from 2022. Since Tennessee changed its ELA academic standards in 2017, the agency claimed that this is the highest rise in a single year of third graders whose ELA scores met or surpassed expectations.

You can also take a look at the tweet provided by Tennessean and says 60% of third graders fell short on TCAP reading scores and could face being held back:

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