The Steam Deck Began As A Steam Link Embedded In A Steam Controller Latest News


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If you squint, you can see how Steam Controller and Steam Link go together. But if you squint hard enough, you might imagine that the Steam Deck stretches across the screen of the Steam Controller.  

For Valve designer Scott Dalton, the beginnings of work on Steam Link and Steam Controller, two Valve hardware that has been discontinued since then, describe as a lonely way to influence the design of the Steam Deck. 

When Valve launched the Steam controller for the first time, it had a private, latent gyroscope, but the company later switched off it for additional hardware functionality.  

On Thursday, Valve pulled the wrapping off its new switch-like portable PC, called Steam Deck, confirming that it is the hardware that Ars Technica wrote earlier this year about. 

Those hoping for a similar technological surprise with their next portable Steam Deck PC will be disappointed: Valve designer Greg Coomer assured me that there is no secret in the Steam Deck, nor will Valve turn it into a spinning top. 

Introduction Of Steam Controller

Steam Controller is a game controller developed by Valve and can be used on PCs with Steam for Windows, macOS, and Linux and on smartphones with SteamOS. 

It is intended not only for players developing controllers but also for games usually played with keyboard and mouse, as they can be played on the controller.    

What Is Steam Deck?

Steam Deck is a portable PC platform that features a 7-inch touchscreen, two thumbsticks, a D-pad, and a four-button controls layout. 

The Steam Controller has two high-resolution clickable trackpads that replace the typical thumbsticks of modern console controllers and fourteen switches, including the face, shoulder, and under grip buttons. 

The Steam Deck does not have a removable controller stand, which makes it a little more limited for the fun of handheld gaming. Still, the owner has much more freedom when it comes to improving the gaming experience and responding to it.    

Steam Deck PC Launch

Steam Deck will be launched at three price points, distinguished by built-in storage capacity, higher SSD speed, a surge in standard eMMC storage, a more expensive NVMe protocol, and tempered glass on the screen.  

It will have a custom Zen 2 AMD processor, a USB-C port, and a MicroSD slot for memory expansion. Steam Deck, its handheld PC from Nintendo Switch with a 7-inch screen, will ship for a cost of PS349 ($399) with 64GB of storage in December, with enlarged storage choices for PS459 ($529) with 250GB SSD and 512GB SSD. 

The company’s long-rumored Steam Deck handheld machine for PC games, due in December 2021, will feature models at $399, $529, and $649 with scaled storage and processing speeds.  

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Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop Comes With 11th Gen Intel Core H-Series CPUs

Users can install and run PC software on their rumored Steam Deck handheld computers for PC games, as well as web browsers and other game stores, including the Epic Games Store and the video streaming service. 

Valve has been available since 2015 with Steam Machines, ready-made, high-performance gaming computers that run Steam and Steam games. In 2015, Valve also launched its popular Steam Link, enabling PC games on TV and mobile devices.

Valve struggled to succeed in HTC Vive’s virtual reality setup until it bought its Valve Index VR device. Since then, the company has invested heavily in VR headsets, which are poorly rated and not particularly popular.    

The Vive, manufactured by HTC, used Valve technology after a long period of prototyping through Gabe’s gear. 

The device could play games for gamepads and games that can be played with a mouse and keyboard. 

Thus the Steam Machine was created, a series of prefabricated gaming PCs that were co-developed by Valve. But the computers did not last long, and the controls were discontinued after three years.   

Steam Link In A Steam Controller

The Steam Link was a device that allowed players to stream their Steam games to devices such as TVs and mobile phones. 

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Steam Controller replaced it with a software version of the feature which did not require a separate device to function, a Steam Controller, which, according to a survey conducted by Valve, used about as much as an Xbox 360 Controller and sold very few models leading to the controller retiring in 2019. 

This Steam Deck looks like Steam Link and allows players to play games from their Steam library when they are portable. Both Steam Deck and Steam Link enable players to play their Steam libraries without complex setup from their computers.    


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