Snow White With Red Hair Season 3 Release Date Status, Cast, Trailer, Storyline

Snow White With Red Hair Season 3 Release Date Status, Cast, Trailer, Storyline

Snow White with the Red Hair is a Japanese fiction fantasy TV show related to a novel of the same title. Inscribed and drawn by Sorata Akizuki, the fictional show was initially advertised on August 10, 2006. 

Approximately a decade after its original announcement, the fiction was chosen for a TV show, and season 1 of the series debuted on July 7, 2015. 

It was appropriately received by enthusiasts of the fiction and novices alike and was resumed for a season 2. 

Finally, less than a year following, Season 2 of the series debuted on January 12, 2016, and as then, enthusiasts of the series and the fiction are expecting for broadcast on a season 3. Here are all details about season 3 we know so far.

Snow White With Red Hair Season 3 Release Date

Still, though no real news has surfaced, Season 2 did not give a precise finish to Zen and Shirayuki love tale; enthusiasts can assume season 3 to cover up their unfinished love story. 

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If everything goes as we wish for it to go, we might notice it arriving someday in 2021. We originally prophesied that we would have at least listened to something regarding the series in 2020, but the Covid-19 epidemic may have possibly made some stops.

Snow White With Red Hair Season 3 Trailer

There is no update on the season 3 trailer yet. We will inform you when we get the details.

Snow White With Red Hair Season 3 Cast


The central cast, Shirayuki, is a sensible, comfortable, and stubborn young lady who is highly proficient in both medicine and phytology.

Zen Wistalia

The second monarch of Clarines, Zen, is the different primary lead of the series. A skilled fencer with a talent for attempting out an action, Zen initially gets off as superior to Shirayuki, who hates him for his opinion.

Mitsuhide Rouen

One of Zen’s most familiar and most dependable aides, Mitsuhide, was selected by Crown Prince Izana to clock on Zen. 

Kiki Seiran 

One of Zen’s conclusions, Kiki, is a proficient contestant and shares a great bond with Mitsuhide. 


Different central cast in the show, Obi, is the most puzzling lot and runs for Zen. 

Snow White With Red Hair Season 3 Storyline

The spectators think that the upcoming season will proceed the tale where it finished in season 2. The brand-new season will explain Shirayuki’s mission in the Kingdom of Clarines in the polar area. 

The Scholar District is famous for its extensive experience because the people experience and gather data regarding the herbs. Therefore, with Ryuu, Shirayuki will investigate and find new herbs.

Through this, Shirayuki might recognize Prince Izana, who has a quiet profile in the Lilias Pavillion. She will then learn the initial conference she had with him, questioning her connection with Zen. 

On the other side, the next arc shows what Zen is up to. After his business, he runs into his room, remembers Shirayuki’s touch, and needs her seriously.

In the meantime, someone opens his room with the information that inspires him to move to the north. 

But the problem is, what was in the story? Why did Zen choose to move to the Northern area? We will have to see the third season to get out the solution.


Let’s believe that the creators won’t tease the enthusiasts and advertise Snow White With the Red Hair Season 3 quickly. Till this occurs, you can receive the newest news regarding your preferred TV series on this website. So, stay tuned with us!

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