Simon Cowell's Jaw Drops After Meeting His Lookalike AGT Contender
Simon Cowell's Jaw Drops After Meeting His Lookalike AGT Contender

Simon Cowell’s Jaw Drops After Meeting His Lookalike AGT Contender

Even though Simon can be a tough act to follow, on Tuesday’s edition of AGT, he was all grins and wonder when he saw himself in the mirror for the first time. According to MetaPhysic Media, “hyperreal material” is created using AI by the group known as MetaPhysic Media. Here you will read about everyone’s reaction after seeing Simon Cowell alike, so keep reading.

There were two individuals who worked behind the scenes, and a third man who Simon was infatuated with. During the 13th season of American Idol, opera singer Daniel Emmet made it to the top ten.

No one on the panel had any idea what to expect when he took the stage to sing. I couldn’t say no when they asked me to be a part of this great, unique, original thing they’re doing,” Daniel said on stage.

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In a white button-down shirt and blue trousers, the opera singer appeared on stage and began singing Chicago’s You’re the Inspiration. A robot MetaPhysic rendition of Simon’s visage appeared on the screen behind him.

In the blink of an eye, the 62-year-jaw old’s fell and the other judges were in a state of disbelief.

Tumbling Head Over Heels In Love

The performance made him fall in love with her. “Is it inappropriate to fall in love with a contestant? I know it’s strange but I love you, Daniel,” Simon told him. There was a lot of praise from the other judges, including Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Howie Mandel.

In the words of Heidi, “the best act” she had seen that day. Sofia lauded the effort put in, even though she did so while casting aspersions on Simon’s character. When she saw it, she thought it was Simon, singing 20 years ago.

The AI version of Simon Cowell's face, which was really Daniel Emmet singing
The AI version of Simon Cowell’s face, which was really Daniel Emmet singing

“I cannot even imagine the amount of work to be able to create something so perfect, because if I was not paying attention and I see this, to me, I think it’s Simon, 20 years ago, singing!” she said.

Daniel, or rather Simon, and the remainder of the act received passionate yeses from all four judges. Even as the show was airing, Simon tweeted about his performance. In a tweet, he wrote, “These pics say it all #AGT,” with four pictures of him looking astonished and squinting at his fingers.

Response From Fans

Fans couldn’t help but respond to Simon’s tweet. All of the judges, except Simon, seemed to enjoy it as much as the audience did. “I like to see Simon in AI. Looking handsome. And he blushed himself to see himself singing,” one fan tweeted.

“It was hard to look away,” a handful of my followers said. “And you were a part of it! Definitely stands out from the rest! “expanded the original by one more.

Daniel Emmet transformed into Simon Cowell onstage, thanks to AI technology
Daniel Emmet transformed into Simon Cowell onstage, thanks to AI technology

Many of the AI act’s viewers thought it was hilarious and “liked it!” Although the Simon look-alike stole the show last night, his hand is usually the talk of the evening. A cast covers his hand, and fans are left to wonder what happened to him.

AGT fills its non-live programs months in advance, and Simon was seriously injured earlier this year. He was taken to the hospital on January 27 after crashing his electric bike and injuring himself.

Simon was flying over the handlebars of the bike as he sped through the streets of London at more than 20mph. The incident left the former American Idol judge bleeding and with a possible concussion before rescuers arrived.

After receiving treatment, it was discovered that the TV celebrity suffered a broken arm due to the accident. An anonymous insider informed that Simon was extremely fortunate to be alive. “After striking a puddle, the wheels came off his electric bike as he was cycling along.”

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They went on to say that “he slipped and flew over the handlebars into the middle of the road.” A bloodied Simon appeared like something out of the Phantom of the Opera because he had no helmet on. In order to save him from being run over, three nice passers-by jumped into action.

They also shared, “After being ambulanced to a hospital and given an X-ray, Simon was eventually released that evening — his arm in a yellow cast all the way up to the shoulder — and told to rest.”

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