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How Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Completely Changes Her?

Here you will read about Robin McGraw plastic surgery details. In a new interview, Robin McGraw talks about how her looks have changed. On an episode of her podcast, “I’ve Got a Secret! with Robin McGraw,” the 66-year-old author and wife of “Dr Phil” host Dr Phil McGraw said she had an eyebrow transplant.

“It made my whole face look right,” McGraw said of the procedure that Hair Restoration Specialist Dr Marc Dauer did as a podcast guest.

“I think it really changed how I look. “McGraw told her audience that her eyebrows were thin because she had tweezed them for years. She said, “I didn’t like my eyebrows so much that I wore bangs to hide them.” “I let my bangs grow out because of you and my eyebrow transplant, and I was so happy.”

“Eyebrows are such a defining part of the face…They’re so important for framing your face,” Dauer said of the procedure, which is not very invasive. “It changes your whole look if they start too far over or are missing in different places. “Dauer said that eyebrow transplants make up more than half of the surgeries he does, and patients are often happy with the results.

“People tell them they look younger or ask if they’ve lost weight,” Dauer said. “They don’t understand. They can’t even tell where it is.” McGraw also said that after her transplant, the change was so big that tabloids said she had a facelift. This has been a persistent rumour since her surgery in 2011. She laughed and said, “I looked that different.” “I said ‘No! I didn’t go to the hospital!”

On Dauer’s website, it says that both men and women want eyebrow transplants. This is a minimally invasive procedure that takes between six and eight hours to finish. Hair follicles are taken from the back of the head and grafted onto the eyebrows. About 250–400 hairs are added to each brow until the shape and size are right.

The patient’s hair follicles or those of an identical twin with the same DNA must be used, or else the body will reject the transplant.

“Hair is an organ, just like any other organ,” Dauer said. “So if you wanted to get an organ from one person and put it in another, you’d have to take all these immunosuppressant drugs so your body wouldn’t reject it.”

Most people have swelling and bruises after the procedure, and about 20% of them come back at some point for a touch-up. Since they grow at the same rate as the hair on the head, patients say they need to trim their eyebrows every one to two weeks, on average.

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