Rare Shark Attack Claims Russian Victim in Egypt's Red Sea
Rare Shark Attack Claims Russian Victim in Egypt's Red Sea

Rare Shark Attαck Claims Russian Victim in Egypt’s Red Sea

To Egyptian and Russian authorities, a Russian man d!ed on Thursday after being bitten by a shark off the coast of an Egyptian Red Sea resort.

The man was murdered, to the Egyptian Environment Ministry, after being attαcked by a tiger shark in the waters close to Hurghada.

A 74-kilometer (46-mile) section of the coastline was declared off-limits by the authorities, who said it would be thus until Sunday. Later, the ministry announced that it had captured the shark and studied it in a lab to understand the unusual attαck’s circumstances.

The individual was identified as a Russian national by the Russian Consulate in Hurghada, although they withheld his name.

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Online videos purporting to be of the incident show a man struggling around in the water before being attαcked repeatedly by sharks that circle him before being pulled beneath.

Shark attαcks are uncommon along the Red Sea shore. But in 2022, a Romanian and an Austrian tourist were ki!!ed in two fatal attαcks in Hurghada.

Rare Shark Attack Claims Russian Victim in Egypt's Red Sea

The Red Sea resort cities of Egypt, such as Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, are well-known for having some of the nation’s best beaches and are well-liked by visitors from Europe. Divers are drawn to the coral reefs’ nearby sheer drop-offs because they provide rich and vibrant marine life.

In recent years, Egypt has worked to resurrect the crucial tourism industry, which has been negatively impacted by years of political unrest, the coronavirus outbreak, and the conflict in Ukraine.

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The International Shark Attαck File lists tiger sharks as one of the shark species most frequently mentioned for unprovoked attαcks on humans. Tiger sharks are giant species that live in tropical and temperate environments.

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