Rapper Rod Wave Says People Are ‘Twisting’ Meaning Behind New Track: ‘Definitely a Suicide Prevention Song’ ‘Nirvana’

Rapper Rod Wave
Rapper Rod Wave

Hip hop artist Rod Wave has hit out that people are ‘twisting’ the meaning of a song which was recently previewed by him, apparently with the track name ‘Nirvana.” Appearing on social media platform Instagram, the artist of Ghetto Gospel replied to the remarks of some people who tried to presume the track as a “suicide letter”, to which Wave said that it shows they know little about.

Rapper Rod Wave

His response to the Comments of People

Rod, who has peaked at Billboard charts with hits like ‘Tombstone’ and ‘Heart on Ice’, said, “Y’all know, bro, I don’t go live, I don’t do no attention shit, bro. I don’t. I recorded a f**king song and, um, it was about suicide or whatever. But why the f**k would people take that shit and just say that that was my suicide letter? Like, that’s not how that works. That’s not how suicide letters work. You don’t go to a studio and record suicide letters, bro.”

He added that his “real fans” know about his musical theme more, saying, “Like, what are all the blogs and shit posting just, like, twisting up shit, saying Rod posted a suicide letter? That’s not true”

Moreover, making a reference to the song which is being talked about and whose beginning is “If you’re hearing this, it’s too late”, Rod justified it as being “a snippet” indicating he constantly shares such snippets with his listeners. He also condemned the people who tried to raise doubts about the release of the song by protesting that the American rapper was trying to attract attention. 

Reaction to Rumors of Attention and Future Plans

In his retort, he said, “B**ch, who the f**k needs attention?”. “You forgot who the f**k I was? I don’t need any attention. Did you not see my tour? Did you not see my album sales? I don’t need any extra attention. I had already deleted my Insta and my Twitter and all that shit because of attention.”

Putting an Instagram story, he also let his followers know that he was in the midst of preparing a new album, adding that the current track which was released was “definitely a suicide prevention song”.

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On the other hand, Soulfly made it into one of the 50 best albums of the year announced by Complex.

In August, Rod promoted the celebrated album by adding nine new songs, in collaboration with other hip-hop artists like Kodak Black and Lil Durk.


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