Randy Arozarena Wife
Randy Arozarena Wife

Randy Arozarena Wife: Randy and His Partner’s Love Story and Marriage Status!

Cenelia Pinedo Blanco, the wife of Randy Arozarena, attended the National Open University in Bogota. In September 2021, Cenelia gave birth to their daughter Alaia.

Randy had fathered a child with his previous lover before falling in love with the Colombian beauty. But regrettably, things did not turn out as the baseball player had hoped.

The left baseman for the Tampa Bay Rays is now happily married to Cenelia. In 2021, the couple had their first child, a young girl who may be seen supporting her father in business.

Austin Barnes, Taijuan Walker, Patrick Sandoval, and Arozarena advanced to the World Baseball Classic quarterfinals. The MLB star has had a tremendous tournament, and his majesty was on show against Team Canada. Let’s take a look at his love life.

Randy Arozarena Wife

Columbian by birth, Cenelia Pinedo Blanco. On Facebook in February 2020, Cenelia declared her relationship with Randy Arozarena official.

Nine months after going public, on November 6, 2020, at Kantoyna Ranch, Randy and Cornelia married without letting their fans know. Without a doubt, the couple fell in love at first sight.

Cecelia was the one who first admitted to the baseball player’s fans that she was dαting the power hitter. Cenelia published a romantic photo of her and Randy and a long, Spanish-language caption expressing her love for the baseball pitcher.

Randy posted several images from the big day on his Instagram account, one of which showed him holding his new wife in his arms as Cenelia held the bouquet aloft. Cenelia opted for a wedding dress with a floral pattern and a see-through design in the arms, accessorizing it with a crystal headpiece.

An MLB player, Randy looked dapper on his wedding day while donning a raisin-coloured suit. He added a white lapel pin and bow tie as accessories to his case. The couple left for their honeymoon in another country a few days after their wedding.

The baseball player has shown his love for Cenelia ever since posting photos from their wedding day. The MLB star posted pictures of himself and Cenelia on her birthday on January 24.

Regular family vacations and photos with their daughters at baseball stadiums were all represented in the pictures. Cenelia recently posted pictures of her and her family visiting several stadiums to support her husband and Team Mexico on Facebook.

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Randy Arozarena Kids

Alaia Arozarena, a daughter of Randy Arozarena, is the only kid they have together. Two of his daughters are his, and he also has a child with his ex-partner.

In September 2018, the left fielder experienced fatherhood for the first time. Although Randy has never identified the mother of his first child, he has been spotted posting numerous images of his daughter, to whom he is utterly devoted.

Randy Arozarena Wife

On September 2, 2018, Randy posted a selfie and announced to his admirers that he had taken on a new role while standing outside the hospital room where his newborn child was being cared for.

When she was four years old last year, the baseball player posted a picture of his little princess with the birthday cake and a heartfelt tribute. The images demonstrate that despite the issues her parents shared, she and her father still enjoy a close relationship.

Alaia Arozarena, the first child of Randy and Cenelia Arozarena, was born on September 9, 2021. Randy posted a video of the child the day after she was born.

In November, Randy celebrated earning the American League Rookie of the Year, just as he had done in September when he became a parent for the second time. Little Alaia was seen sitting on her father’s lap, unaware that her father had received a significant prize, as Cenelia and Randy rejoiced.

It is also evident from a couple of the images posted by Randy that his wife Cenelia has a Luna-named daughter from a previous union. Randy posted several photos from his birthday celebration, which featured Luna and Alaia, on March 2, 2022.

On August 6, 2022, Randy posted a photo of himself and Cenelia sitting at Tropicana Field with their kids in honour of Family Day.

Randy has posted videos of Alaia playing at their home over the previous three months, and she has also shown her love for the picture of her dad holding the AL Rookie of the Year Award. Earlier this year, Randy posted a video of Alia being silly while watching her father wash her teeth.

Although Randy hasn’t posted any family photos or videos lately, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume Cenelia would go to the stadiums to support Team Mexico in the WBC.

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