'Program Integrity' Is An Orwellian Attack On Social Security Beneficiaries Updated News

‘Program Integrity’ Is An Orwellian Attack On Social Security Beneficiaries Updated News

“Program integrity” is the sort of industrial name that seems excellent. Who wouldn’t require to handle Social Security with integrity? But unhappily, in the Alice-in-Wonderland world of Washington-speak, the proverb doesn’t define what you think.

Managing Social Security with integrity looks like confirming that the proper payments proceed to the best people in the precise amounts. You would think it symbolizes that the Social Security Administration (SSA) maintains working families to get their benefits. Alternatively, it means the opposite.

“Program integrity” is the insider code for saving money. How is money accumulated? By continuing after people who have done nothing unlawful. By going after people with significant damages who must constantly confirm that they are ineffective of supporting themselves.

By going after people whose preferences SSA cases were poorly paid out, usually because of errors produced by SSA itself.

The sufferers may be relocated. They may not speak English. They may have mental difficulties. They rarely have instructed agents to help them through the highly stressful, challenging, and time-consuming process of opposing the government.

Guess being a senior who has no other income than your monthly bonus of $794. You are frugally further making your medicines in half because you can’t handle them.

You see all the complicated rules, including singing SSA that your child has moved back to town and is buying you markets once a week. Months fly by.

Then, extreme of the blue, SSA notifies you that utilizing those groceries must have lessened your SSI value, so you should return that amount in the next 30 days!

Neither is this state run pursuing limited to those with low income and little knowledge. My co-worker’s mother gained Social Security profits as a separated wife. When she rewedded, she moved to the SSA building with her new husband. She stated the rights agent freshly remarried and requested a new Social Security record in her new, married name.

One day, out of sadness, she revealed her mail and received a statement from SSA saying that she owed the authority $55,000, which she was told to repay immediately.

Her son, a Social Security expert, used six months talking to SSA to handle the problem. Notwithstanding her son’s experience, awareness, and expertise to assist her, the stress appeared in a bit of hospital visit and committed to a sharp and ongoing decline in her health.

SSA should renew the mailing of profits and rewards statements to all workers aged 25 or older, as the government explicitly and requirements. It will help assure efficiency by allowing operators to know what profits are linked to SSA and fix any mistakes quickly.

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