How Florida Shines Program Help FAMU Students?
How Florida Shines Program Help FAMU Students?

How Florida Shines Program Help FAMU Students?

It should come as no surprise that many students choose to attend college within their home state because of the lower tuition costs associated with claiming in-state residence. A significant price differential and a reduced tuition rate for locals aren’t the only benefits that come from living near to home; there are also many services available. The Florida Shines program is quickly becoming one of the state’s most sought-after services.

Many students at Florida A&M University have found that participation in this program has contributed in a variety of important ways to their overall success. “Florida Shines is a statewide web-based system that provides student access to a wide array of admissions, academic, career, financial aid, and learning resource information,” states the website

The Florida Shines program for transient students is a resource that is accessed frequently by participants. A large number of students, many of whom have lofty academic objectives, enroll in summer classes for a variety of reasons. Students in Florida are given the opportunity to enroll in classes offered at other institutions in the state using this resource. This may be done either to gain ahead academically or to redeem grades.

Not just people who live in Florida but also students from other states who go to school there would profit from this. As a business administration student in her second year, Kennedy Owens-Grain recalls applying to Tallahassee Community College’s online program while she was at home over the summer in order to enroll in some of the college’s classes.

“During the summer, I took advantage of Florida Shines to enroll in an online program at TCC. Owens-Grain explained that she had been putting in effort to complete all of her electives so that she could gain ahead academically this semester and concentrate solely on her required coursework.

The School of Journalism and Graphic Communication was forced to cancel classes due to a scarcity of teachers, which made the availability of this resource all the more vital for the current semester. This problem caused concerns for a large number of students, but it caused an even larger level of concern for graduating seniors who required particular classes to complete their degrees on schedule.

This past semester, more than any other, the director of journalism, William Jiles, acknowledged the importance that the program gave to the school. The School of Journalism and Graphic Communication has benefited tremendously from the contributions that Florida Shines has made.

How Florida Shines Program Help FAMU Students
How Florida Shines Program Help FAMU Students

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Jiles explained that due to a lack of available staff, the school has been unable to offer an acceptable number of classes to its students. We are able to send students to other educational institutions so that they can earn the credit hours that will assist them in fulfilling their degree aspirations thanks to the Florida Shines transitory program.

As a direct result of this, the majority of the students who transferred to FAMU profited from Florida Shines. Students who have finished two years of coursework at a Florida community college are eligible for the 2+2 program, which grants them automatic entrance into a Florida state university. This program is an additional resource that is made available.

The Florida Bright Futures scholarship is an additional source of funding that is helpful to a great number of students enrolled in schools inside the state. Students can apply for one of two different scholarships through Florida Shines: the Florida Academic scholarship, which pays for the full cost of tuition and fees, or the Florida Medallion award, which pays for 75% of those costs.

Aaliyah Andrews, a freshman student studying political science who is originally from Palm Bay, Florida but currently resides in Willingboro, New Jersey, has been selected as the recipient of the Florida Academic award.

According to Andrews, “Bright Futures unquestionably relieves the stress that my parents experience from having to pay for my education.” “School is quite expensive, and before I was concerned about how I was going to pay; this program alleviates that strain and allows me to focus on my academics.” “This program helps me to concentrate on my studies.”

Students must live in the state of Florida, complete the specified number of volunteer hours, maintain a certain grade point average, and reach the minimum score requirement on standardized tests in order to be eligible for one of the two scholarships. On, you may look up the particular requirements as well as further information on any of the offered programs.

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