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Way to Remove Pornographic Virus Alert from Microsoft (100% Working)

Have you ever seen a pop-up message on your system that states you have a Pornographic Virus and do not open any links or make a phone call on the recorded numbers? Well! Don’t bother! This is nothing, it’s just a Pornographic Virus alert from Microsoft. It is a spam message, and it is honestly simple to remove this virus from your system. Today we are here with the ways to remove this kind of Pornographic virus alert from Microsoft that is 100% effective and working. 

This message can simply be ignored, and it will make no impact on your PC. The possible results of ignoring the message or rebooting the system are only a scarecrow. Virus, which displays this message, attempts to force you to call the particularized number. It is sponsored as a Microsoft assistance contact number, but it isn’t. You can surely review its helping ways on their official website. These spammers seem like a different group of cybercriminals.

Pornographic Virus Alert From Microsoft

This is an online spam activity claiming that Microsoft identified a PC’s virus after a user visited adult reserved websites. The pornographic virus alert from Microsoft is a kind of virus that skyjack your web browser. It does this by securing your browser in full-screen and showing unwanted messages that seem like they are from Microsoft.

Note: Yet, these pop-up messages are literally from spammers who are seeking to cheat you into providing them access to your PC. This means they can take your data or make you pay money to overcome the problem.

Such messages are a symptom of malware appearance, mainly, Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA). In this guide, you will understand why it is a wrong approach to follow the guidance on this message and how to remove it.

Threats related To Pornographic Virus

The Pornographic Virus Alert from Microsoft spam can create many problems involving:

  • Economic loss
  • Identification fraud
  • Remote access to your system and establishment of viruses like malware or spyware
  • Private data stealing, involving passwords and bank details.

These types of spam are scary messages that display the user’s system is gradually infected, most expected from browsing unstable adult sites that installed viruses on the system. The bogus pop-ups pretend to have anyhow reviewed the user’s PC and identified the virus and now the victim has to “report this action” by the given support contact number.

Remove Pornographic Virus Alert From Microsoft

If you notice that your system has been affected by malware displaying these fake spam alerts, you can easily get rid of these viruses by using Microsoft-related software. Make sure you finish all the steps to reduce the warning displaying bogus signals.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware Software

  • Download and install this software. After that, you will be allowed to make the official scan. Apply this activity.
  • The scan continues for up to six minutes and monitors the PC’s files and also the applications and files that are installed by you.
  • When the scan is finished, click on “Apply” to clean out the malware activities and files that are present on your system.

Manual Settings

  • Close your web browser screen.
  • Just open the windows search bar.
  • Open the “control panel” on your PC.
  • After that click on “uninstall a program” in Programs.
  • Then right-click the malicious program and click on Uninstall.
  • Again open the window start bar.
  • Open “Threat and virus protection”.
  • Then click on start actions.
  • And then push the “quick scan” button.

And finally, all viruses present in your system are scanned and removed!

Final Words

When this type of Pornographic virus alert from Microsoft displays on your screen then you don’t have to worry about this! You can easily remove this by following the methods discussed above. You may remove malware from your PC with a help of Reimage, and Malwarebytes software that is suggested to identify potentially unwanted programs and viruses with all their data and registry records that are linked to them! I hope you find this guide useful!

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