Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Arrives On Nintendo Switch On Friday

Nintendo Switch this Friday on Nov. 19 is all set to launch Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. The two versions although of a similar theme have their own distinctions.
Both the games have some monsters exclusive to each version. Shining pearl targets the legendary pokemon Palkia, whereas in Brilliant Diamond they target Dialga. There are also chances of encountering Lugia in shining pearl only, and Brilliant Diamond players get the chance of playing with Ho-oh.

The game allows itself to build, as after completing the main storyline, one gains access to a new facility namely Ramana’s Park. In the facility, one can have a go at catching some rare and legendary pokemon, which were previously not available in the Diamond and Pearl games.

The game allows you to obtain fossils, which can be revived as pokemon. The possibility of finding Skull Fossil is available to Brilliant Diamond players, and it creates Cranidos. Armor fossil is exclusive to Shining Pearl players, which converts to Shieldon.

One can always trade with another player to obtain them in the other game, as otherwise, they are exclusive to their own versions. To make things interesting for early enthusiasts, players who buy the product before February 21, 2022, are eligible for receiving 2 freebies during the Mystery Gift function, which include a Manaphy egg and Pokemon Platinum Outfits for their trainer.

Other players, who have to save the data or other Pokemon games, are also eligible to get a free Jirachi and Mew.

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