Playstation Portal Release Date

Playstation Portal Release Date: A New Chapter in Handheld Gaming!

The Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck have heralded a new golden age of handheld gaming that those who played the first Game Boy could only dream of. Sony, not wanting to be left behind, unveiled its latest handheld, Project Q, early this year. The handheld, now officially known as PlayStation Portal, is designed to provide players with portable access to their PS5 titles.

The Portal has numerous big drawbacks, yet it has a shockingly low price point. Here is everything we know about PlayStation Portal.

Playstation Portal Release Date

Although there is no official release date for PlayStation Portal, a PlayStation Blog article on August 23 stated that the handheld will be available “later this year.” On October 20, Sony’s major autumn release is Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see the gateway launch around that time.

Playstation Tweeted about the upcoming Playstation Portal, Check it out below:

However, Portal could be released in November, just in time for the holiday shopping season. Demo units have been spotted in the wild, suggesting that the launch isn’t far off.

PlayStation Portal Price

The price of the PlayStation Portal is $199.99, €219.99, £199.99, or 29,980, which is a bit more than many fans were expecting. But it’s important to note that the device has a split DualSense controller with all the features that gamers have come to expect, like haptic input, dynamic triggers, and other things.

Since DualSense costs just under $70, that probably makes the price go up quite a bit.

How to Order PlayStation Portal In Advance

The PlayStation Portal is scheduled to be available on the PlayStation Direct shop soon, while no pre-order release date has been announced:

Sony confirmed that more information about the start of PlayStation Portal pre-orders will be available soon, so stay tuned for the latest news!

Although the PS Portal appears to be hardware that will only be available through PlayStation Direct, it is possible that other stores will receive pre-order stock to offer.

Playstation Portal Release Date

As we talking about the playstaion Portal, don’t we need some games too, So let’s check out some of the highly upcoming games:

PS Portal Specifications

The PlayStation Portal is equipped with the following features:

Property Specification
Screen Size 8-inch LCD
Resolution 1080p
Frame Rate 60 Hz
Hardware Split DualSense Controller
Connection Wi-Fi Supported
Audio 3.5mm Audio Jack

Those asking why the PlayStation Portal lacks a CPU, GPU, or Memory category should keep in mind that the gadget is a remote streaming device. That is, you will need a PS5 to use the PlayStation Portal, as it lacks the power to play on its own.

Furthermore, the device is only compatible with the PS5 and does not support PS VR2 or PS Plus Premium cloud streaming titles.

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