Perry Johnson Net Worth

How Much Is Perry Johnson Net Worth? A Look At His Financial Success!

Perry Lawrence Johnson, who goes by the name Perry Johnson, is an American businessman, author, and past candidate for public office. In different ways, he has become known.

Johnson is also involved in politics, but he has also written many books about international quality control standards and licensing, which shows that he is an expert in this area. In this post, we are going to talk about Perry Lawrence Johnson’s net worth and many more facts about him.

Perry Johnson’s Net Worth

As of the year 2023, Perry Johnson’s net worth is approximately $150 Million USD. His publications on quality control and certification, the fees he charges for counseling clients in these areas, and maybe income from speaking at events and other business endeavors relating to his expertise are some of the ways he makes money.

Perry Johnson Net Worth


Perry Johnson made waves in 2021 after announcing his candidature for the Republican nomination for governor of the state of Michigan in the United States. He reportedly spent $1.5 million on an ad campaign in Iowa that will run during the Super Bowl 2021. You can check out a Tweet about Perry Johnson’s ad campaign below.

However, he fell short of the 15k valid signatures required to appear on the ballot. Perry Johnson displayed a federal court complaint to halt the printing of ballots. However, his requests were denied because paid circulators forged signatures without the candidates’ knowledge. Johnson expressed interest in running for governor after being disqualified.

Johnson eventually filed the necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission and declared his candidature for president in 2024. At the 2023 Conservative Political Action Conference, he received 5% of the presidential straw poll vote.

Other Businesses

His businesses create high-quality standards that people rely on every day, such as medical devices, food, and airplanes. Johnson is also a published author, having written and published multiple textbooks, novels, and ISO Standards.

Despite his writing, he has spoken about ISO standards such as ISO 9000, ISO 14000, and AS9100 aerospace standards. He founded and owns Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc., as well as Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation NP, Inc., a non-profit accreditation organization.

Early Life

On the 23rd of January, 1948 Perry Johnson was welcomed into the world in Dolton, Illinois by his parents, Dorothy and Carl Johnson. His younger sister Valerie, who was born in 1949, was always by his side as he grew up. Thornridge High School was his alma mater when he was a little lad.

Johnson went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in mathematics with a concentration in economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign after completing his high school education. Later on, he attended the University of Detroit to finish his education in the field of psychology and enrolled there.

Perry Johnson Net Worth

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Personal Life

After starting a relationship, Perry Johnson and Diana wed the following year in 2008. The couple has been together since the birth of their three sons and currently resides in an extravagant home in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Johnson entered politics in 2021; nevertheless, he has been mired in a great deal of controversy ever since 2003. His political career began in 2021. Boeing lodged a complaint with the Better Business Bureau alleging that his company, Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc., committed two violations of the regulations governing conflicts of interest. In addition to this, his company was involved in legal issues related to unsolicited fax marketing.

Conclusion: Perry Lawrence Johnson is a well-known American author and businessman who has made his mark in a variety of fields, including politics and quality control standards. His contributions to a variety of professions have had a long-lasting effect on many different businesses, which has resulted in him reportedly having a net worth of roughly $150 million USD in 2023.

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