Palestinian Militant Khader Adnan Dies in Israeli Prison
Palestinian Militant Khader Adnan Dies in Israeli Prison

Palestinian Militant Khader Adnan D!es in Israeli Prison!

According to officials, Palestinian captive Khader Adnan, a former spokesman for the Islamic Jihad who became a symbol of Palestinian opposition to Israeli imprisonment practices, passed away on Tuesday after waging an 87-day hunger strike.

The Israeli Prison Service claimed in a statement announcing Adnan’s de@th that the 45-year-old had been on a hunger strike since his arrest on February 5 and had refused to receive medical attention while being held.

As a result of the announcement, there was a great deal of rage on the West Bank, and rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel. The widow of Adnan, however, urged serenity following her husband’s passing.

After an almost three-month hunger strike, he was discovered dead in his cell, the prison service added. The Palestinian Prisoners Society also reported Adnan’s passing, which claimed that “the Israeli occupation assassinated Sheikh Khader Adnan.”

His posthumous elevation to commander was announced by Islamic Jihad, which stated that “Khader Adnan rose as a martyr in a crime for which the Zionist occupation bears full and direct responsibility.”

The Palestinian militant organization with Iranian support is behind the suicide bombings and rocket strikes that have ki!!ed numerous Israelis.

According to Israeli police, he was held in February on suspicion of involvement with a terrorist group, support for terrorism, and incitement. At the time of his passing, he had not yet been tried.

After hearing of his passing, Palestinian political groups declared a nationwide strike in the West Bank to honor Adnan, with all courts, schools, universities, and businesses closing.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society, Palestinian inmates at Ofer Prison, an Israeli military facility in the West Bank, have started a countrywide hunger strike in protest of his passing.

Adnan was from the occupied West Bank city of Jenin. One of his sons was captured on camera in Jenin protesting his father’s passing. Following his passing, Adnan’s widow urged nonviolence.

Palestinian Militant Khader Adnan Dies in Israeli Prison

“Not a drop of blood was spilled during the prisoner’s previous hunger strikes, and today we say with the rise of the martyr and his accomplishment of what he wished for, we do not want a drop of blood to be spilled,” Randa Musa said, adding that it was too late for arms to assist him.

She remarked, directly addressing the various militant factions in Palestine, “Whoever has the weapon should have used it before the sheikh d!ed, but now we don’t need this weapon.”

Before a barrage of rockets launched from Gaza, she spoke. The Israel Defense Forces said that at least 22 rockets were launched from Gaza toward Israel. The Israeli military added that 16 of the missiles fell in open regions and Israel’s Aerial Defense Array intercepted four.

It didn’t take into consideration the additional launches. After the rockets were fired, at least three people in the Israeli city of Sderot sustained shrapnel wounds, according to emergency services.

According to Magen David Adom, the three were foreign laborers on a construction site. According to MDA, two of the victims were in fair condition, and one was in a severe condition. To the hospital in Barzilai, all three were brought.

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According to the Israel Police spokesperson’s section, there were at least five places where rockets fell. Two others were in neighboring towns, and three were in Sderot.

When the stories started to surface, the IDF had just told Israelis who live close to Gaza to stay near designated shelters. Earlier, a source in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip claimed that military and security installations were being evacuated in preparation for an Israeli reaction.

Mohammad Shtayyeh, the prime minister of the Palestinian Authority, charged that Israel had committed a “deliberate assassination” by denying his request for release, neglecting his medical needs, and keeping him confined despite the severity of his physical condition.

According to his attorney Jamil Al Khatib, who spoke to CNN by phone, Israel has not yet given Khader Adnan’s family his corpse back. According to the attorney, his family has asked that there not be an autopsy and that the body be given to them for burial.

Adnan originally came to the world’s notice after a 66-day hunger strike that was reported to have been the longest by a Palestinian prisoner in Israeli custody and concluded in February 2012.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society, he has held five hunger strikes and has been detained at least 11 times since 2004. He engaged in a 55-day hunger strike in 2015 before being freed by Israeli authorities.

Adnan spent eight years in Israeli prisons, most of which were spent in administrative detention, a contentious military practice in Israel that permits authorities to imprison suspects indefinitely for security reasons.

There is no necessity to file charges against the detainees or provide them a chance to stand trial, and the procedure also permits imprisonment based on secret evidence.

His prison hunger strikes were a rallying cry for Palestinians, who organized several protests in the West Bank and Gaza.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society, Israel maintains 4,900 Palestinian detainees in its prisons, 1,000 of whom are being kept in administrative detention without trial, the largest number since 2003.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society, Adnan is at least the seventh Palestinian prisoner to pass away while on a hunger strike in an Israeli facility since 1970. The first was Abdel Qader Abu Al-Fahm, then four in 1980 and one in 1992.

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