Make Nipsey Hussle’s Memorial The World’s 8th Wonder!


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L.A. rapper Saweetie was present for the emotional moment when Nipsey Hussle was posthumously awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and he believes the award should be considered among the highest honours in the music industry. Here you will read information about Nipsey Hussle’s Memorial:

Saweetie told the Hip Hop crew on Tuesday at the ceremony that she was a Marathon model girl for Nip’s apparel line before she had her own taste of big-time music fame. Saweetie felt a sense of closure during the elaborate memorial service held in Nip’s honour, despite the fact that she found the proceedings to be “overwhelming” at times.

Nipsey Hussle's
Nipsey Hussle’s

The plus side is that she thinks Nip’s star, along with his flagship Marathon store and now, his own day in the city of L.A., should qualify as the title of “8th Wonder in the World!!!” and bring positive tourists to California and the West Coast.

Other rappers, including Roddy Ricch and YG, as well as members of Nipsey Hussle’s All Money In group, attended the ceremony in Crenshaw to honour the late artist.

Saweetie has been putting in long hours to finish her first record. events of today may serve as a catalyst for renewed enthusiasm.

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Govind Dhiman
Govind Dhiman
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