Winter Is Almost Here, As Heavy Snow Is Expected To Hit Some Areas On Tuesday
Winter Is Almost Here, As Heavy Snow Is Expected To Hit Some Areas On Tuesday

Winter Is Almost Here, As Heavy Snow Is Expected To Hit Some Areas On Tuesday

Even though temperatures rose steadily throughout the previous week, this week is going to be considerably chillier, and there is even a chance of snowfall.

The only thing that will affect our temperatures to begin the week will be the severe winds that we will be experiencing. The sustained wind speed is forecast to reach a maximum of 15 miles per hour, with gusts reaching up to 30 miles per hour. Despite the strong gusts, the high temperature for the day is only going to reach the low 40s, which isn’t going to be too horrible before the snow showers start.

The snow that fell on Tuesday will have the most significant effect on our week. As of right now, our forecasts indicate that there will be a snow event that will last the entire day; however, it is still a little difficult to predict the amounts of snow that will fall and the specific locations that will be impacted the most, because different models point to different areas receiving heavier snowfall.

Our roadways will continue to be severely damaged by snow, ice, or a combination of the two no matter how much or how little snowfall our region receives as a result of this storm.

Even though the models are presenting a different image, there is still a rough understanding as to which places could be hit the most and where those areas could be. There is currently a Winter Storm Watch in effect for Polk, Barron, and Rusk County, which is valid from November 29 through November 30. The area could receive between 3 and 6 inches of snow.

Now looking at the models to illustrate some challenges on how big of an influence will be felt in Eau Claire. The GRAF is one of the models that is utilized, and this model indicates that all of Western Wisconsin, except the northwest region of the state, will receive heavy snowfall throughout the day.

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However, a different model called the NAM, which stands for the North American Mesoscale Model, demonstrates that the area around Eau Claire and the northwest will be affected the most. Our most recent model, which we refer to as the HRRR, predicts an even more distinct outcome, with the Chippewa Valley experiencing only a mixture of rain and snow.

We get a pretty wide range of potential snowfall quantities for this event when we use all of the different models together, with the highest end being somewhere around seven inches and the lowest end being somewhere around one. In any event, I believe that the region will receive a minimum of one to three inches, with the possibility of four to seven inches.

As we get closer and closer, the degree of uncertainty in the amounts that correspond to specific locations will increase. We will provide regular updates on this event, as well as any new information regarding the forecast, as it becomes available.

Wednesday appears to be clear, however, the temperature is beginning to drop and the amounts of precipitation are uncertain. We will be in the single digits by the time Thursday morning rolls around, and by Saturday night, we may have our next opportunity to see snow.

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