A Woman Is Wanted For Attacking A Penn Student In Center City
A Woman Is Wanted For Attacking A Penn Student In Center City

A Woman Is Wanted For Attacking A Penn Student In Center City

PHILADELPHIA— The Philadelphia Police Department and the SEPTA Police Department are currently searching for a woman who they say is randomly and savagely abusing other women.

A lady, age 23, has been left with a fractured nose and a shattered feeling of security after being the victim of a violent, unjustified attack.

“She stopped what she was doing and started sprinting in my direction. (She) swung on me, which destroyed both my glasses and my nose “remarked the young lady, who emphasized that she did not wish to be named.

After being assaulted while she was out walking in Center City, the student from the University of Pennsylvania decided to speak out to warn other women. She stated that it seemed as though it had been going on for a considerable amount of time without anyone interfering.

The video that was posted on Instagram is currently being examined by the Philadelphia police department as part of their investigation. It shows the female suspect striking the victim multiple times and even pulling her to the ground in the middle of the roadway after she has fallen.

A Woman Is Wanted For Attacking A Penn Student In Center City
A Woman Is Wanted For Attacking A Penn Student In Center City

“When she had me on the ground, that was when I started to freak out and try to fight back against her. I made an effort to grab her ankle to throw her off balance, but it was unsuccessful. Simply said, she just dominated me. It was terrifying “as the victim put it.

At approximately noon on Sunday, November 20, it took place at the intersection of Broad and Spruce streets. Several witnesses were able to videotape the assault, and one of them took a video of the suspect as she fled the scene, in which her face can be seen very clearly. “Still really shaken and adjusting. Because it was completely unexpected, returning to my daily life in the city continues to make me feel extremely uneasy “as the victim put it.

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The same female suspect is wanted by SEPTA police for attacking another woman on the same day, according to the police. She reportedly boarded the train at the 15th Street station and then banged a woman’s head against the wall, according to Captain Rodger Walls.

“The actor, who is this Black female in question, was mumbling to herself when all of a sudden she arbitrarily attacked her, and then she disembarked from the train,” said Walls. “It was a complete and utter random attack.” On September 1 of this year, according to the police, she assaulted another woman in the area of the Spring Garden station.

According to Wells, “She has to be suffering from some kind of mental illness that’s why it’s just the pictures of her have been disseminating throughout all patrol, so we are on the manhunt for her.” [Case in point:] the pictures of her have been disseminated throughout all patrols.

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