New Lords Of The Fallen Release Date

New Lords Of The Fallen Release Date: Dark Fantasy Reborn!

When will Lords of the Fallen be released? CI Games is bringing back the souls like RPG this year, so here’s what gamers can anticipate from the revival of the renowned action game. Lords of the Fallen takes place a thousand years after the first game and features a five times larger map than the original 2014 release.

If you’re counting down the days before Lords of the Fallen’s release, make sure to read PCGamesN’s Lords of the Fallen preview, which details our first three hours with the action-adventure game. We also have the Lords of the Fallen system requirements to help you plan ahead of time for your voyage. All of that being said, here’s everything we know so far about Lords of the Fallen, including the release date.

New Lords Of The Fallen Release Date

Lords of the Fallen will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam PC on Friday, October 13, 2023. This was revealed in a new gameplay trailer in May 2023. IGN has also posted

The game is only for current-gen platforms, so it won’t be coming to old consoles or the Nintendo Switch. This is bad news for people who want to play on a last-gen system, but hopefully, it will make the game better and more impressive.

Lords of the Fallen Trailer

CI Games posted a gameplay reveal trailer with almost four minutes of gameplay and cutscenes. It showed a dark fantasy look and story that gives FromSoftware a run for its money.

We at PCGamesN learned a lot about Lords of the Fallen at GDC in early 2023. There, creative director Cezar Virtosu told us that Lords of the Fallen’s magic is based on a Jedi power fantasy and that, unlike in the Dark Souls series, you’ll be able to set up bonfires. He also explained what this means for managing resources and making the game harder.

FromSoftware came up with the Souls-like model over a decade ago, and it looks like Lords of the Fallen is going to take some clear swings at it. We’re really hoping that the RPG lives up to its really interesting promises.

Lords of the Fallen gameplay

The best thing about Lords of the Fallen is that you can go from one world to another and explore either the realm of the living (Axiom) or the realm of the dead (Umbral). To move between worlds, you either have to give up a life or be killed by an enemy. If you die in Axiom, you’ll come back to life in the same spot in Umbral. Gamespot shared 14 minutes of gameplay which you can find below.

In the expanded gameplay trailer, we learn about the Umbral Lamp and how we can use it to move between the light and dark realms and change the environment to help us move around the world and fight. You can also play the single-player story or team up with a friend online for a co-op adventure. This is a new feature that wasn’t in the 2014 game.

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The Story Of Lords Of The Fallen

Lords of the Fallen starts a thousand years after Adyr, the evil god, was defeated. But Gods don’t stay down for good. Adyr is ready to make a fierce comeback, and as a Dark Crusader, it is your job to travel through both the worlds of the living and the dead to finally defeat him.

At Gamescom, the first official plot trailer came out. It starts with the Dark Crusader losing his life (and his head) to the Lightreaper, one of the many bosses that stand in our way. In a chilling voiceover, we also get to hear from the Demon God himself, who tells us why he wants to rule over all of humanity.

While that’s going on, we get to see a montage of Lords of the Fallen’s dangerous enemies in action, fighting the Dark Crusader in deadly ways. We also get to see Sophesia and Byron for the first time, two people we’re likely to meet as we travel through Axiom and Umbral. The trailer ends with a scary look at a Lovecraftian nightmare in Umbral that has a lot of teeth, eyeballs, and what could be doors to other worlds. It’s creepy.

New Lords Of The Fallen Release Date

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