New Jersey Afghans Volunteer to Offer Comfort to Refugees, Read Full News


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Aid actions have not been long in coming, and donations are being made for Afghan refugees staying at Fort Dix.

Zia Akbary from Totowa is just one who has collected clothes, toys, green tea, and a staple food among Afghan families. This is to distribute to the refugees who have been arriving in New Jersey due to the massive evacuation from Afghanistan since last week.

Some Afghans, who have been in the same situation due to the fighting in the region for more than thirty years, feel identified with their compatriots.

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This sentiment has prompted them to provide whatever help is within their power to ease the transition to a new life in the United States.

Phrases such as We wish to be there for them, to offer them comfort and provide material help they need, have not been made to wait ”. Zia Akbary from Totowa, who received asylum after arriving in the United States in 1989, has expressed.

Since last July, more than 122,000 people have been evacuated by the United States and its allies. The Taliban have already taken control of that country once it was decided to withdraw forces after 20 years of war.

The last plane with US forces left Afghanistan on Monday has arrived in the United States to conclude and meet the deadline until August 31.

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The Islamic Center is the gathering center where Farrah Hadad from Mahwah, Marie Paniahie from Parsippany, and Zainab Ahmadi from Parsippany meet with other volunteers from the county. This is to organize clothing, personal hygiene items, food, and diapers for Afghan refugee babies.

Afghan refugees are housed in 7 military bases in different regions across the country. Some people have supported the mission of the United States forces in Afghanistan during these last twenty years of war.

Various community groups also continue to make a great effort to help Afghans who have been evacuated but are in temporary tents and other buildings.

The donation drive continues through community organizations, Islamic centers, and across the state. Although the military officials have requested to contain the deliveries briefly, it is not well-identified what they already have and what they need.

Meanwhile, much financial support is required for the relocation of all refugees, as it is a unique and sudden event that causes a massive increase in the population in need of assistance.

Already the housing market is tight enough, which represents a great challenge to find housing for the many thousands of Afghan refugees.

Final words

The evacuated Afghans, who are now refugees, go through a truly traumatic experience. Therefore, they also require mental health support to deal with the post-traumatic emotions that they have had to experience.

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