MTA's Congestion Pricing Plan Gets the Thumbs-Up
MTA's Congestion Pricing Plan Gets the Thumbs-Up

MTA’s Congestion Pricing Plan Gets the Thumbs-Up

Governor Hochul of New York is anticipated to announce that the federal government has approved the MTA’s congestion pricing proposal. The conflict, though, might still be ongoing.

The MTA gave congestion pricing the go-ahead on Monday to lessen traffic, enhance air quality, and collect money for the city’s public transit system.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, in charge of the long-stalled plan, will still have to decide on the exact amount. However, the idea calls for charging vehicles that travel south of 60th Street up to $23 each time they enter the zone.

FDR or West Side Highway drivers may not be subject to this rule. However, many unanswered concerns remain regarding who else might be excused. The Federal Highway Administration gave the go-ahead after issuing a Finding of No Significant Impact from Congestion Pricing.

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Gov. Kathy Hochul said that congestion pricing would “Reduce traffic in our crowded downtown, improve air quality and provide critical resources to the MTA.”

“I am proud of the thorough environmental assessment process we conducted, including responding to thousands of comments from community members from across the region. With the green light from the federal government, we look forward to moving ahead with the implementation of this program.”

As soon as the spring of 2024, the program could go into effect, putting New York City on par with cities like Stockholm, London, and Singapore that have put similar tolling schemes for heavily populated business districts into place.

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The increased tolls are anticipated to bring in an additional $1 billion per year, which would be used to borrow to enhance the MTA’s commuter rail, bus, and subway networks.

MTA's Congestion Pricing Plan Gets the Thumbs-Up

“Better bus speeds in Midtown will be one of the things we almost instantly notice if congestion pricing is implemented. Everyone is aware that a bus should move more quickly than a chicken,” said Lisa Daglian of the MTA’s Permanent Citizens Advisory Council.

Congestion pricing was approved conceptually by the state Legislature back in 2019. Still, the project was put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic and a lack of direction from federal authorities.

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