Mother of Boy Who Shot Teacher
Mother of Boy Who Shot Teacher

Neglect Charges for Mother of Boy Who Shot Teacher

According to authorities, the mother of the 6-year-old kid who shot and injured his teacher in Virginia has been formally detained on suspicion of child negligence and failing to secure her pistol.

The 25-year-old lady turned herself in at the neighborhood jail, according to a brief statement from the Newport News Police Department and a booking photo of her.

James Ellenson’s lawyer said she was freed from detention after posting a $5,000 bond and that a status hearing in Newport News Circuit Court is set for this Friday.

“She is nervous and scared because she has never been charged before, but holding up well,” Ellenson wrote in an email Thursday.

Deja Taylor was charged on Monday with felony child neglect and a misdemeanor count of endangering a child by negligently storing a handgun, according to the authorities.

Abby Zwerner, a first-grade teacher, was shot and wounded while seated at a reading table in her classroom, according to authorities, more than three months prior to her arrest. According to the police, the boy used his mother’s legally acquired gun.

Zwerner sued the school district for $40 million last week, alleging gross negligence and that administrators disregarded several warnings from teachers and others that the youngster had brought a gun to school that day.

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On Tuesday, the city prosecutor’s office announced that it is looking into whether any school staff’s “actions or omissions” could result in criminal prosecution.

Newport News, a shipbuilding community of about 185,000 people in the Chesapeake Bay, has been shaken by the shooting at Richneck Elementary in January.

According to Police Chief Steve Drew, the gunshot was “intentional.” He claimed there was no struggle or forewarning before the child pointed the rifle at Zwerner and shot her once in the hand and once in the chest.

Before being brought to the hospital, Zwerner, 25, hurried her kids out of the classroom and spent nearly two weeks there.

Mother of Boy Who Shot Teacher

The boy’s mother was charged with felony negligence, which carries a maximum five-year prison sentence. The misdemeanor offense of negligently storing a handgun carries a maximum one-year prison sentence.

Ellenson has previously said that she is clean of any illegal activity. Additionally, he claimed that her trigger-locked gun was kept safe on the top shelf of her wardrobe.

According to the boy’s family, he has a “acute disability” and was following a care plan that called for his mother or father to drive him to school daily. The week of the shooting marked the first time he had attended class without a parent, according to the family.

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