moniaque idlett net worth
moniaque idlett net worth

Monique Idlett Net Worth: How Did Timbaland Ex-Wife Build Her Riches?

An American businesswoman, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Monique Idlett Mosley was born in the United States. The second season of Undercover Billionaire on Discovery focuses primarily on her as its primary subject. It is anticipated that Monique Idlett will have a net worth of more than $200 million by the year 2021.

Monique Idlett Early Life and Relationships

Monique’s birthday is April 30th, and she was born in Georgia. She was only a teenager when she gave birth to her first kid, which was a challenging beginning in her life. After her father passed away, she was not only responsible for the care of her child but also for the care of her father’s two other children when she was just 19 years old.

She began her professional life by obtaining employment at USA Today. After that, she got a degree in business, and that’s when she met her future partner in the company, Erica Duignan Minnihan. They begin her company, which they call “Reign Ventures,” together.

In terms of her private life, she was once married to the musician Timbaland. After only five years of dating, the pair had been together for nearly ten years before getting married. During that time, Monique made two separate divorce applications, the first in 2013 and the second in 2015.

Monique Idlett Career

Monique’s first job was as an ad executive at USA Today. At 22, she became the first African-American woman senior executive at the media company. She worked there for about seven years before starting her own marketing company out of the offices of USA Today.

Kanye West, Verizon, Burrell Communications, TI, and Timbaland are just a few famous people and companies whose sales and public relations strategies were made by her company. She started Mosley Brands and the Mosley Music Group (MMG) record label while working with Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley, and the two of them fell in love.

Monique became the CEO of MMG and Mosley Brands after she started dating him. Some of the biggest names in the business, like One Republic, Nelly Furtado, and Chris Cornell, were in her charge. They have gone on to sell a total of 40 million singles with many different artists.

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On top of that, in 2017, she started a company called Reign Ventures. It is an investment firm that wants to help startups run by women and people of color. This gives young entrepreneurs the tools they need to build a multimillion-dollar business.

Monique also does things for good causes. She started the “Always Believing Foundation,” which aims to help young people with health problems. She is also on “The Boys & Girls Club of America” board as a National Trustee.

moniaque idlett net worth

Monique got her first job when she was 22. She convinced a vice president at USA Today to hire her. She worked as an advertising executive. She was the first African-American senior executive and the youngest person to hold that job. During her time at USA Today, she started her own marketing company, which she left to focus on.

Monique Agency has built sales and public relations relationships with Kanye West, Burrell Communications, Rapper T.I, Timbaland, and Verizon, among other celebrities and companies. She met Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley and helped him start Mosley Brands and the Mosley Music Group record label. As they worked together, they fell in love.

Monique Idlett Net Worth

It is believed that Monique Idlett has a net worth of approximately $200 million. Even if she is a star on the show “Undercover Billionaire,” she does not yet have a net worth of one billion dollars. Her several economic triumphs were the source of a significant portion of her profits.

Monique Idlett-Mosley’s Divorce

From a previous relationship, Monique Idlett has two older children. Frankie Idlett is a high school basketball player who will finish school in 2021. Demetrius Idlett went to Barry University to study international business. Since 2015, he has been CEO of the fashion, literature, and art brand D’MXCI.

Timbaland hired Idlett’s company, which is how she met him. Over time, they went from being business partners to falling in love. Reign Mosley, their daughter, was born in 2007. They got engaged at a baby shower and got married in 2008.

Idle was very important to the business side of Timbaland’s many businesses. But their company and personal partnership broke up for some reason. In 2013, Monique asked to end her marriage. She asked for spousal support, child support for their kids, and even money to pay for her lawyer. According to reports, she had to borrow money from a friend to pay the divorce lawyer.

They seemed to try to make things work, and a year later, they called off the divorce. Their marriage couldn’t be saved because Idlett filed for divorce again in 2015. The divorce is said to have been finalized after a nasty court battle, but no one knows the details of the settlement. Reports say Timbaland pays a lot of money for child and spousal support.

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