Michigan City Turns Into The First US City To Require Menstrual Products In Every Single Public Bathroom

Michigan City Turns Into The First US City To Require Menstrual Products In Every Single Public Bathroom

Another Ann Arbor, Michigan law requires all public restrooms to give sanitary items, including pads and tampons, to clients at no charge and it’s supposed to be the first city in the United States to do as such.

The new law will be active on 1 Jan. 2022, which will be applicable for all the public bathrooms under the plumbing code, not only municipal buildings and also without consideration to gender specification.

“Access to menstrual products is a fundamental human necessity, It’s a matter of public health and personal dignity. And it’s something that should be provided to everyone,” said Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor. 

 On 15 Nov., the law was collectively passed by the Ann Arbor city council also with the assurance that other sanitary products such as toilet paper, soap, paper towels, and water are also provided.

Different urban areas have comparable measures, ones that simply apply to metropolitan structures or in schools, yet none have been as widely inclusive.

Taylor said the inspiration to propose the measure came after a young resident of Ann Arbor came to him with the idea.

He said, “A high school student came to me to express her concern that persons without established residences had difficulty obtaining menstrual products, And that got me to thinking over time, there have been some advances with respect to schools, particularly in Illinois and New York in government buildings. California has got one as well. And I asked staff to look and see whether we could obligate at all public restrooms in Ann Arbor provide the supplies because they’re basic and fundamental for people.”

“We can and we did.”

This comes in the midst of a transition to make period items more available and reasonable across the state. Recently, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed the “tampon charge” charge, which excludes items like cushions and tampons from certain assessments.

Taylor said, the ordinance should not cost the city or businesses much money and that it’s an opportunity with low costs that will achieve a “social good.”

He noticed that numerous partners and associations all through the city upheld the move before the vote.

Taylor said, “People without established residences live their daily life just like all of us, they have the same bodily necessities as all of us, and their access to supplies that many of us don’t give a second thought to is difficult, And so the provision of basic sanitation supplies in all public restrooms in Arbor will be, for them, an important life improving measure.”

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