Meta Connect 2022
Meta Connect 2022

What To Expect At Meta Connect 2022 and How To Watch The Livestream?

Meta Connect 2022, Meta’s annual conference for developers and fans of virtual reality, is where the latest news about the metaverse is likely to be shared.

At Meta’s annual conference, Meta Connect, the company is likely to make big plans for the metaverse known and give updates on those plans. Meta has been a leader in creating virtual reality products and tools for consumers. Competitors to the Meta Quest 2, like Lenovo, have given customers more VR headset choices.

The metaverse market is growing, and more companies are putting money into products that use virtual reality and augmented reality. Many of these products are made for the general public, but some developers have chosen to make them for business customers. So, VR headsets for the business market tend to have more features, better support, and a higher price tag.

At the upcoming Meta event for VR creators and fans, the company is likely to talk about its latest plans for the future of the metaverse. Meta Connect 2022 is a free online event that starts at 10 a.m. Pacific Time (PT) on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, can be watched live or later on the Reality Labs Facebook page. Horizon Worlds users with Meta Quest 2 VR headsets can watch the event in virtual reality.

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After signing up online, users will see the Meta Connect program in the “Events” tab of the Horizon menu in Horizon Worlds. They can click on it to join the virtual conference. There will be news about the high-end VR headset Project Cambria, information about the VR developer ecosystem, the progress of the metaverse, and a keynote from Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Meta Connect 2022

From Meta, We Can Expect To Hear About Vr Headsets And Other Metaverse News

Even though Meta has stated that there would be updates on Project Cambria, it is currently unknown whether or not the company will officially introduce the gadget at Meta Connect 2022. At the very least, viewers may anticipate seeing a sneak peek of the cutting-edge mixed-reality headset. Still, the first official look at the device could not provide as comprehensive an overview as some customers anticipated.

In addition, Meta has not disclosed whether or not the next-generation VR headset the business is developing will have a specific release date shortly. Aside from the announcements of new hardware, it is anticipated that Meta will also present a few other significant advancements during Meta Connect 2022.

A year has passed since the announcement that Meta would be rebranding the corporation away from the Facebook name and revealing its goals for the metaverse. It will be fascinating to see what plans Meta has to make the metaverse a more immersive experience for customers now that the firm has some different competition.

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