Meghan King Plastic Surgery: She Shows Off Her Changed Breasts And Nose
Meghan King Plastic Surgery: She Shows Off Her Changed Breasts And Nose

Meghan King Plastic Surgery: She Shows Off Her Changed Breasts And Nose

The outcomes of Meghan King’s rhinoplasty have exceeded her expectations. A former cast member of The Real Housewives of Orange County showed off the results of her recent rhinoplasty on her Instagram Stories on Friday. She will be 38 years old this year. King revealed her nose for the first time in her debut clip, which was released seven days following the operation; however, at the time, it was partially covered by a bandage.

She shouted, “I can see my nose, the tip of it, so I’m really thrilled” as she arrived at the office of her plastic surgeon, CosmetiCare, to see her new nose for the first time. Her plastic surgeon performed the rhinoplasty procedure. Her old nose has undergone some cosmetic surgery in the past.

A surprise appearance by Dr. Michael Niccole on her Instagram Stories, in which he revealed that she too had breast augmentation surgery, took place just before the “big reveal.”

“The breasts were the focus of our attention… We did not make any changes to the appearance of her nose, nor did we make any changes to the appearance of her toes.” He joked around briefly before removing the bandage from the wound. In a another video, Dr. Niccole instructs the actress on how to remove her stitches later that day and warns her not to touch her nose. The directions are followed by the actress.

Above the video, she added, “This is just one of the many reasons why I chose Cosmeticare and Dr. Niccole.” “This is only one of the many reasons why I decided to go with Cosmeticare and Dr. Niccole,” the patient said. “He was consistently very good at describing everything that was going on. It was extremely helpful and exciting to have a solid grasp of both the process and the effects of what was being done.”

She then published a second video of herself one month after her operation, in which she said that she was “stunned” by the swelling after ripping the bandage off of her nose. In this video, she was speaking about her experience with the nose job. Within the context of this film, she went on to detail her choice to undergo plastic surgery.

“After he removed the bandage, it seemed as though my nose had grown somewhat in comparison to how it had been previously… The vagal and basal nervous systems in my body went through a reaction. Those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about should look it up “King made this comment in relation to a reaction that can present itself with a wide range of different symptoms.

Meghan King Plastic Surgery: She Shows Off Her Changed Breasts And Nose
Meghan King Plastic Surgery: She Shows Off Her Changed Breasts And Nose

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She allowed her audience a second look at her nose not long after the bandage had been removed by Dr. Niccole. She then made a statement about the swelling, stating, “You can understand why I was completely terrified.”

King claimed that “a few hours later” the swelling went down, and he provided another photo as evidence. “The improvement in the swelling in my nose after only a few hours has completely blown my mind,” the patient remarked. “After only a few hours, the medication has done wonders for me.” “The contrast is so startling to me that it continues to shock my mind.”

She proceeded to compare the appearance of her nose soon after the bandage was removed to how it appeared on Friday, which marked approximately one month following the surgery. She did this by posting a collage on social media in which she contrasted the two times. King continued his remarks by making a joke about the fact that her “original” nose was similar to the one sported by Squidward in the SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon series.

In July, when she posted a swimwear selfie beside her daughter Aspen, who was 5 years old at the time, she dropped the first hint that she was considering undergoing plastic surgery. Additionally, King is a mother to twins named Hart and Hayes, who are currently 4 years old. Jim Edmonds, her ex-husband, is granted joint legal and physical custody of all three of their children.

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