Meet Heather, Ethan Pocic's Wife, While Jeffree Star's Tweet Keeps People Guessing
Meet Heather, Ethan Pocic's Wife, While Jeffree Star's Tweet Keeps People Guessing

Meet Heather, Ethan Pocic’s Wife, While Jeffree Star’s Tweet Keeps People Guessing

Makeup artist and media figure Jeffree Star has thrown sports fans into a frenzy with a series of cryptic tweets that suggest he has a “NFL boo” who, at least to some extent, matches Ethan Pocic’s description. These tweets hint that Star may have a relationship with Pocic. In spite of the fact that he is married, people continue to bring him into the ongoing conversation.

Enter Heather Duke, who became Ethan Pocic’s wife in July 2019, shortly after the couple tied the knot. Pocic is not the “boo” that Star is traveling the world with because the couple were married and had two children after tying the knot in Baton Rouge, which is in the state of Louisiana.

That said, however, here’s an introduction to the lives of Ethan Pocic and his wife Heather, those of their two young children, and when things got started between them.

Meet Ethan’s Wife, Heather Duke Pocic, Amidst All The Talk About Jeffree Star’s Cryptic Tweets

Heather Duke Pocic is a mother of two who currently resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Although she was born Heather Duke, she changed her name after marrying Ethan and took his surname.

She attended Louisiana State University in her hometown of Baton Rouge, where she could study medicine, and then she attended the LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, where she could study nursing, from 2015 and 2017.

Her wedding to Ethan took place at the Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center on July 13, 2019, as previously mentioned. The reception was held in the ballroom on the first level of the Hilton hotel, which was the location of the ceremony, which took place on the top floor of the building.

Following the event, Heather’s brother Hunter posted a photo reel on Instagram and referred to it as a “wedding for the record books.” He is employed in the realm of governmental affairs. In addition, Hunter has recently tied the knot, and his new wife’s name is Jana.

Meet Heather, Ethan Pocic's Wife, While Jeffree Star's Tweet Keeps People Guessing
Meet Heather, Ethan Pocic’s Wife, While Jeffree Star’s Tweet Keeps People Guessing

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Does Ethan Pocic’s Wife Give Birth To Kids?

Two would be correct. The fact that the youngest of the two was still quite little in the summer of 2021 means that they will be close to turning two years old this coming summer.

In November of 2018, Heather posted a photo of her engagement ring, accompanying it with the comment that the jeweler had done “an AMAZING job creating” the diamond.

She went on to say that it has “diamonds of very good quality.” Heather was one of the people who offered their congratulations to Ethan after he was selected as the Player of the Week for LSU Football in September of 2015.

In or around September of 2014, the two of them began dating one other. That is the earliest date at which they appear together in her social media posts, which document many of the more major events to have occurred during their time together while they were together.

Why Are Fans Of Jeffree Star Suddenly Interested In Ethan Pocic And Heather, His Wife?

Jeffree Star, a well-known makeup artist and beauty influencer, recently drew attention to himself with a slew of puzzling tweets. According to the tweets, this has been referred to as a “NFL boo.”

In other words, he is romantically interested in someone who is a player in the NFL. Who, it would appear, has been going around the world with him on a private airplane.

“Goodbye LA,” Star tweeted. “Time to spend time with my #NFL boo in Wyoming.”

In a subsequent tweet that was only slightly more detailed, he posted a picture of what appeared to be the back of the aforementioned boo. In addition to the mirror selfie, he included the following information with it: He stands at a height of 6 feet and 6 inches, but unfortunately, his club did not get to the Super Bowl this year.

This instantly led to a spike in searches for NFL players who are both the necessary height and who did not make it to the Super Bowl. The guys in question had to have been inactive during the playoffs.

‘Cyber sleuths’ are in ‘Overdrive’

Everybody loves a mystery. Or, to put it another way, everyone enjoys a good mystery that can be solved.

People have been looking over the photographs that Jeffree Star has released to see if they can glean any relevant information from them. From the precise location of the players’ haddock veins to the players who are originally from Wyoming…

Cyber sleuths, in the words of Queerty, are in “overdrive.”

Elsewhere, The Focus has explored the reasons why it is unlikely to be Carolina Panthers player Henry Anderson – he, like Ethan Pocic, is happily married, to wife Saryn.

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