Matthew Nilo Fiance
Matthew Nilo Fiance

How Police Outsmarted Matthew Nilo and His Fiancée!

By Court documents, the New Jersey lawyer accused of participating in a 15-year-old Boston rαpe spree was drawn to the location of his arrest with his fiancée by a false package report.

NBC Boston reported, which cited a court-filed warrant, Matthew Nilo, 35, was detained on May 30 in front of his new fiancée, Laura Griffin, in the lobby of his Weekhawken apartment building.

The front desk called the couple’s apartment to inform them that a large box had been delivered for them, according to the site, and the FBI and police then tricked them into going to the lobby.

In Suffolk Superior Court on Monday, Nilo entered a not-guilty plea to counts of aggravated rαpe, kidnapping, assault with a propensity to rαpe, and indecent assault and battery. Griffin was there, watching the proceedings while holding a rosary.

Nilo, who had resided in Boston’s North End, proposed to Griffin since-deleted social media posts, just before he was arrested for a horrifying string of rαpes that occurred in the city’s Terminal Street neighborhood between August 2007 and December 2008.

Between 19 and 20, Nilo may have been in town for a break from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he earned his bachelor’s degree, around the time of the assaults.

The four accused victims, whose ages at the time of the assaults varied from 23 to 44, have not been publicly identified.

Matthew Nilo Fiance

Authorities explained who verified their identification during a news briefing last week. The lawyer was linked to the unsolved spree using genetic genealogy, which links DNA technology with historical record searches to uncover new suspects in cold cases.

Nilo allegedly offered three ladies a ride home before driving them to a rural area of Boston. He reportedly told the victims he had a weapon in each of the three instances before se*ually assaulting them.

NBC Boston said he allegedly brandished a kn!fe during one meeting and a revolver during another. Prosecutors claimed that despite at least one of the three believing Nilo to be a taxi driver, all three voluntarily accepted his rides.

In the fourth instance, Nilo is accused of tackling a woman jogging on Terminal Street and committing hands-on se*ual assault on her.

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The woman defeated him despite his repeated cries of “I have a gun.” FBI investigators acquired utensils and drinking glasses Nilo used at a corporate gathering after police revived the case last year, by a court document.

The suspect profile was subsequently matched to genetic material from one of the glasses. During his imprisonment, Nilo worked as a cyber claims attorney for the Cowbell insurance company. His employment has been put on hold while the rαpe inquiry is proceeding.

Tuesday, after entering a not-guilty plea, Nilo was ordered jailed under a $500,000 bond. If he posts a bond, he must submit to GPS tracking and avoid the alleged victims and Terminal Street. His next court date is July, and his trial is in June 2024.

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